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Bright Side Mission Pt. 2 - Syndicated Radio Show with Ben Fuchs

Bright Side Mission Pt. 2 – Syndicated Radio Show with Ben Fuchs

Americans – One of the Least Healthy Populations on the Planet

– A Statistical Snapshot at the modern state of America’s Health

o Some 11 million Americans suffer for a poorly functioning thyroid

o Acne affects 40 – 50 million Americans

o Over 90% of Americans aren’t even getting the RDA of Vitamin E

o 30% of Americans suffer from non-alcoholic liver disease while some 10 – 15% more suffer from the alcoholic fatty liver disease

o One million or so people die each year from heart disease; 65,000,000 Americans suffer from some type of heart disease like high blood pressure or kidney disease

o there are 80 million Americans with some type of autoimmune issues

o Diabetic symptoms afflict 100+ million (1 out of 3) Americans!

o Over $300 billion per year is spent on cardiovascular issues and heart disease. 64 million Americans suffer from heart disease

– Americans are taking more medicines than ever before

o In 2011, you have around ½ (48% within the last month) of all Americans taking prescription drugs, with many of those taking multiple prescriptions (2 or more drugs for 1/3 Americans; 5 or more drugs is 1/10 Americans)

§ There are billions of prescriptions dispensed every year, with an average of 12 per American!

o You’d think with all these prescriptions, we’d all be living long, healthy lives… but we are sicker than ever before.

o Most of our complaints of today suspiciously sound like the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs

§ Many people who are dying of heart attacks are on multiple prescription drugs.

– The average American starts the falling apart process at the age of 28 – 30. By the time we reach 65 or 70, the falling-apart process is in full force. This is why:

o 1 out of every 3 Americans is overweight

o 1 out of every 2 Americans is diabetic or pre-diabetic

o 1 out of every 2 Americans has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

– We are in the midst of a health crisis that is truly of biblical proportions and it is so unnecessary

– We are being subjected to poisons and chemicals (10,000’s of them) that have been invented since the industrial revolution. Is it a surprise that Americans are the most chronically-diseased population in the history of humanity.

o Should we then subject ourselves to yet more poisoning just because some “authority” with a white coat on tells us that we can lower our cholesterol if we take this or that poison, or we can force our pancreas to make more insulin with this or that drug

– And in the end, what do we get for the billions, or even trillions of dollars that we’re spending on drug treatments, surgeries, and diagnostics? A DISASTROUS situation where 80 million Americans are dealing with some kind of cardiovascular disease.

o There’s a heart death every minute

– When it comes to heart disease and all degenerative disease, our medical model is complete failure because it puts the emphasis in the wrong place.

o The problem isn’t the heart or the circulatory system – it is where the problem appears, but not where the problem begins

o In order to correct heart disease truly and genuinely, we have to address the cause, which in the vast majority of cases is going to be found in the digestive system

– This idea that we can use drugs, which are nothing but glorified poisons, to treat the manifestations of bodily breakdown is part of a hypnotically-induced trance that we are subjected to from the day we are born, and it continues for the rest of our lives

– The prescription drugging of Americans is one of the most egregious cons that we’ve ever been subjected to

– We are being subjected to poisons and chemicals (10,000’s of them) that have been invented since the industrial revolution. Is it a surprise that Americans are the most chronically-diseased population in the history of humanity.

o Should we then subject ourselves to yet more poisoning just because some “authority” with a white coat on tells us that we can lower our cholesterol if we take this or that poison, or we can force our pancreas to make more insulin with this or that drug

o For all the tests, scans, drugs, etc., we are sicker than ever and the medical paradigm has presided over this disaster. It DOES NOT WORK! What will it take to prove this to people?

Hey America – Sickness and Disease is not Inevitable!

– Address the cause of disease, clear out the clogs in the circulatory system, make sure you breathe correctly, make sure you’re drinking water, make sure you’re not eating the crappy foods, and we can get our God-given allotment of 120 years back. WE DON’T HAVE TO FALL APART!

o PB has simply seen too many people benefit from getting on BTT/Supplement program, changing their diet around, and making proper lifestyle choices.

o Making the proper lifestyle, diet, and supplement choices is the single-most important health decision a person will ever make.

o If you are taking one or several prescription drugs on an ongoing basis and you feel something is not right, you should know that this is a recent phenomenon based on a corrupt medical model. Prescription drugs are by no means your only option!

– By understanding our bodies and how all these pieces interact with each other, we can go a long way towards REVERSING (not CURING) these degenerative process

o Allow the body to build faster than it’s breaking down. Drive the chemistry in the direction of buildup – the body wants to do it.

Modern Medicine – It’s Not Really About Your Health

– Doctors generally treat allopathically, which is a treatment of disease. In fact, modern medicine is an ongoing war against disease, bacteria, viruses.

o Allo = Against, Pathy = Pathology à Opposing Pathology or disease

o The idea of using drugs to oppose pathology: Drugs or radiation are the choice weapons in the war on pathology

o “You have this disease; you have this symptom.” – This notion of “you have” then gives license to doctors to prescribe a medication or remedy

o It’s the MEDICAL MODEL that is the problem: The focus on billable markers, tests, and drugs that is at fault here. This is the wrong way to look at the body

o Do you really believe that drug companies, hospitals, and healthcare services in general really have an interest in making sure everyone is healthy? The $300 billion figure goes towards paying a lot of mortgages for a lot of drug company reps and CEO’s.

o Do not think that a pharma company is interested in your health! The medical model does NOT have your best interests in mind. If you don’t want to be milked like a cash cow, you want to stay FAR away from the corporate healthcare system in this country.

– Why do people get sick when it gets cold? There’s no biological reason for people to get sick with a change of temperature.

o As soon as it gets cold, people get sick. What’s up with that?

o People go to the doctors for their sickness and, in a knee-jerk fashion, the doctor prescribes the usual stuff (like amoxicillin, cough syrup, etc.)

o Doctors prescribe the exact same stuff for everyone; some cost-cutting health facilities use formularies that show which drugs are supplied at the discounted rate.

§ Everyone who has problem X will be treated with drug Y in a very cookie-cutter fashion – whatever the buyers of drugs at the facilities have a deal on

o Every pathology has a designated drug and protocol for how much and when. These prescriptions are so automatic; the doctor doesn’t even have to know anything.

– The medical model wants us to think that it’s a mystery how the body works, just like the legal and political system want us confused so that we can’t empower ourselves.

o Those who would assume power over us want us confused.

– We’ve become so “smart” that we’re dumb. We are led to believe that it’s complicated, when it’s not.

o Think about the legal system – you know that it’s so complex that you must find a lawyer. Why? Because lawyers write the law. The political system is the same way – filled with laws, intentionally complicating things so we give up.

o When it comes to your health, you don’t have to buy into a crooked medical paradigm.

– 15 – 20% (soon to be 30%) of our GDP is spent on health care, yet we’re so sick

o We have the most expensive healthcare and the highest rates of degenerative disease

o Highest rates of obesity

o Highest rates of diabetes, cancer

o What does this tell you?

– The commoditization of medicine in our capitalist culture has led to this state of affairs, so in true follow-the-money fashion, the health of the population has become nothing more than an opportunity for some fat cat CEO and their poodles in the medical profession to line their pockets at our and our family’s expensed.

o Americans are the most medicalized people on the planet. We have the highest healthcare costs, highest drug costs, insurance costs, and soon we will have the full weight of the federal gov’t guaranteeing that everyone has to participates. And what do we have to show for ourselves? More degeneration than ever before, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

– The Bright Side Philosophy is a response to the failures of allopathic medicine, of “fighting disease” by cutting yourself open, irradiating your body, or taking pharma.

o Health Statistics prove this: We have all kinds of drugs to treat a whole slew of ailments

o It’s not just drugs; nutrients can also be used in an allopathic fashion. You can sometimes get good results using such nutrition, so it’s not for nothing. But this is not what the Bright Side Philosophy is about.

– If we attempt to address our health challenges at the symptom level, it is equivalent to Hercules trying to destroy the hydra, who grew two heads for every one cut off

o When doctors remove a gall bladder for chronic gall stones, patients get skin and digestive problems

o When doctors prescribe blood pressure medicine, patients have fatigue and sexual difficulties

o Treatments for depression increase the risk for suicide and difficulty in concentration

– Most modern medical treatments that suppress symptoms do not address the causes of the problem in the first place, which is almost always rooted in the triangle of digestion, adrenal, and blood-sugar systems.

– If nutrition sounds kind of wacky to you and you want to go out and use, say, a statin drug, then go ahead. But if you’re suspicious or tired of being drugged, listen to The Bright Side, because you will get a lot of real options for real heart health that don’t involve interfacing with the medical community at all.

– The pharmacological model works with molecules; The Bright Side philosophy, which is really a commonsense model works with lifestyle and nutrition choices:

o Foods

o Water

o Supplementation

o Oxygenation

o Exercise

– The medical model cannot help but fail; look no further than the poor state of health Americans live with. The commonsense, Bright Side philosophy cannot help but work, and work quickly – almost instantly when it’s done correctly.

o It’s in the body’s nature to heal, so we ride the healing wave of the body, which can begin immediately.

– A cell that’s not doing what it’s supposed to do because it’s deformed, suffocating, malnourished, or swimming in its own excrement and poisons is a cell that is not going to be able to function correctly. This is how all disease should be viewed.

– So, chronic disease does not need chronic medication. In fact, chronic disease is helpless in the face of chronic medication; more often than not, chronic medication accelerates degeneration which then requires MORE meds. Don’t add to your body’s net breakdown mode.

– Eliminate the middle man. Reverse the net breakdown to net buildup. Ask yourself where the focal point of all breakdown is – the cell. We can WORK OURSELVES.

o Take the power back and address the cellular breakdown! When we eat well, the cell eats well.

o When we are not breathing correctly, our cells are not breathing correctly, etc.

o Everything we’re doing at the body level is happening at a cellular level too

o There is not a drug or doctor anywhere that can take care of us as we are ourselves can

The Bright Side Philosophy and Mission

Mission – Teach the People How The Human Body and Nutrients Work

– There is a real, justified cynicism about supplementation, diet plans, alternatives to drugs, etc., and the medical model plays off on this skepticism

– Pharmacist Ben (PB) believes that this cynicism exists because nobody is explaining exactly how the body works and how nutrients work

o PB wants The Bright Side to be about how things work:

§ “How does this eye or heart vitamin work?”

§ “What is an essential fatty acid?”

§ “What is a liquid mineral and why are liquid minerals important?”

§ “Why does taurine work?”

§ “How does lecithin improve my digestion, and how will improving my digestion be helpful for my heart?”

– PB’s real mission on The Bright Side and his presentations is to communicate the message of HOW THE BODY WORKS – how the chemistry, neurology, biology, and everything in the body works together with nutrition, oxygen, with mental, spiritual, and emotional components as well – so you can gain appreciate and awe at the sheer perfection and amazingness of the human body.

o We can cure ourselves without doctors, health insurance companies, and bureaucrat administrators who tell us what we can and should take or what kind of procedures we have to do.

o The Bright Side is a coherent, compelling, eye-opening message to anyone who has ever had their personal dignity robbed from them by some pencil-pushing bureaucrat (or whomever) who is deciding what kind of treatment you need or deserve.

o The Bright Side is committed to helping listeners understand and harness the power of nutritional supplementation. It is Pharmacist Ben’s passion and mission in life

– Having enough health information will necessitate some technical details and explanation; PB’s challenge is to make the information palatable and understandable

– The Bright Side is intended to clear up the confusion described above. If you feel overwhelmed with a visit to the vitamin store, and want the straight scoop, then the Bright Side is for you. Continue reading The Bright Side Mission Pt. 3

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