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There are 2 feeds for Ben's Videos. The "Pharmacist Ben" channel has presentations, interviews and media appearances from different sources. The "Be on the Bright Side" Youtube channel contains Ben's personal Webcam Reports.

Pharmacist Ben’s YouTube Channel

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs - Fear and Your Physical Health

What exactly is fear, how it relates to health and what you can do about it?Ben Fuchs is…

The Webcam Reports by Ben Fuchs, covering topics like "Stress Shrinks your Brain", "Pregnancy and Alzheimer's", "The Cause of all Disease!", and "The Triangle of Disease". To browse website posts that contain more videos of Ben, including interviews, teaching The 8 Chapters of Good Nutrition, and Ben interviewing Doctor Joel Wallach, click Video with Ben Fuchs.

Be On The Bright Side

Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R.Ph. and Kristen Geller

3 types of Acne Skin and what to do about it