The Bright Side Mission

And so, as the name “The Bright Side” itself states, there is always a “bright side” when it comes to our health and any diseases we or our loved ones might be suffering from, which is that we can be our own doctors and healthcare providers! The Bright Side is committed to the idea that the body’s healing processes and optimal health can begin immediately if we arm ourselves with the proper knowledge ..

These days, There is a real, justified cynicism about supplementation, diet plans, alternatives to drugs, etc., and the medical model plays off on this skepticism. Pharmacist Ben believes that this cynicism exists because nobody is explaining exactly how the body works and how nutrients work.

The Bright Side Mission

The Bright Side mission is to communicate the message of how the body works – how the chemistry, neurology, biology, and all systems in the body work together with nutrition, with oxygen, and with mental, spiritual, and emotional components as well – so that regular people can gain appreciation and awe at the sheer perfection and magnificence of the human body. The Bright Side carries out its mission via The Bright Side Radio show and website, Pharmacist Ben’s presentations, and pamphlets such as this one.

Bright Side Mission - Syndicated Radio Show with Ben Fuchs

Bright Side Mission – Syndicated Radio Show with Ben Fuchs

Therefore, The Bright Side’s mission is also one of empowerment and liberation: teaching the people how the body works so that we may take the power to control our own health back into our own hands and liberate ourselves from slavery to modern medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, and processed corporate swill that passes for food in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

As such, Americans are the most diseased and medicalized people in human history, despite modern medical and technological advances. 70 – 80% of the health issues in the U.S. are degenerative diseases – essentially, diseases of lifestyle; doctors, drugs, and surgery cannot do anything about this state of affairs. The reality, however, is that Americans are not sick, they are starving for nutrients. We do not need to be fixed, we need to be fed. Without nutrients, disease is the only eventuality possible, and that is what we are seeing more and more in the United States (and the Western world) today.

But there is great news! You can help yourself feel better and reverse the degenerative process if you just give the body what it needs. The body needs proper nutrition to feed the body, respiration to oxygenate the body, movement to generate electrical energy and deliver nutrients throughout the body, and long periods of rest for bodily growth and repair to take place.

Once you understand better how the body works and what it needs, you can effectively provide yourself with the necessary nutrients so that you don’t have to go looking for salvation from herbs, drugs, and exotic elements that are not part of the body’s essential line up of nutrition.

And so, as the name “The Bright Side” itself states, there is always a “bright side” when it comes to our health and any diseases we or our loved ones might be suffering from, which is that we can be our own doctors and healthcare providers! The Bright Side is committed to the idea that the body’s healing processes and optimal health can begin immediately if we arm ourselves with the proper knowledge and begin to change the food and lifestyle choices we make, allowing us to be the immediate beneficiaries of the body’s divine, inborn healing system.

Modern Medicine – It’s About Money, Not Health

The United States is spending between 15 – 20% (soon to be 30%) of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare, yet we’re so sick! We have the most expensive healthcare and the highest rates of degenerative disease in the world, as well as the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. As well, we have the highest healthcare costs, highest drug costs, insurance costs, and soon we will have the full weight of the federal government guaranteeing that everyone’s participation.

And what do we have to show for ourselves? More degeneration than ever before, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Doctors generally treat allopathically, which is a treatment of disease. In fact, modern medicine is an ongoing war against disease, bacteria, viruses. Let’s look at the roots of the word “allopathy”, which means “against (allo-) pathology (-pathy)”, or in other words, “opposing pathology/disease”. Toxic pharmaceuticals, radiation, and invasive surgery are the weapons of choice in modern medicine’s “war on pathology”. With the notion of “you have ___________ disease and ___________ symptom(s)”, doctors are given the license to prescribe medications or harmful remedies.

It’s the medical model that is the root problem: The focus on billable markers, tests, ancillary hospital services, and drugs that is at fault here. This is the wrong way to look at the body! The commoditization of medicine in our capitalist culture has led to this state of affairs, so in true follow-the-money fashion, the health of the population has become nothing more than an opportunity for some well-paid CEO’s and their poodles in the medical profession to line their pockets at our and our family’s expense.

People go to the doctors for their sickness and, in a knee-jerk fashion, the doctor prescribes the usual stuff (like amoxicillin, cough syrup, etc.). Doctors prescribe the exact same stuff for everyone; some cost-cutting health facilities use formularies that show which drugs are supplied at the discounted rate. Everyone who has problem X will be treated with drug Y in a very cookie-cutter fashion – whatever the buyers of drugs at the facilities have a deal on. Every pathology has a designated drug and protocol for how much and when. These days, dispensing prescriptions is so automatic that the doctor doesn’t even have to know anything.

So, do you really believe that drug companies, hospitals, and healthcare services in general really have an interest in making sure everyone is healthy? The $300 billion figure goes towards paying a lot of mortgages for a lot of drug company reps and CEO’s. Do not think that a pharmaceutical company is interested in your health! The medical model does NOT have your best interests in mind. If you don’t want to be milked like a cash cow, you want to stay FAR away from the corporate healthcare system in this country.

What’s more, the medical model wants us to think that the body’s workings are a mystery and keep us confused, just like the legal and political system want us confused – so that we can’t empower ourselves. Just think for a second about the legal system or the tax code – they are so complex that you must find a lawyer or an accountant. Why? Because lawyers write the law. The political system is the same way – filled with laws, intentionally complicating things so we give up.

The American medical system is much the same – we are led to believe that health is complicated, when it’s not. The main problem is that most modern medical treatments that suppress symptoms do not address the causes of the problem in the first place, which can almost always be traced to simple root causes (more on that in the next section). And so, we’ve become so smart with today’s medical model that we’re dumb! We spend our time, energy, and money trying to “cure” the ever-growing list of symptoms of disease. But attempting to address health challenges at the symptom level is equivalent to Hercules trying to destroy the hydra, who grew two heads for every one cut off. For example:

– When doctors remove a gall bladder for chronic gall stones, patients get skin and digestive problems

– When doctors prescribe blood pressure medicine, patients have fatigue and sexual difficulties

– Treatments for depression increase the risk for suicide and difficulty in concentration

But again, the bright side is that, when it comes to your health, you don’t have to buy into a crooked medical paradigm. If nutrition sounds kind of wacky to you and you want to go out and use, say, a statin drug, then go ahead. But if you’re suspicious or tired of being drugged, turn to The Bright Side, because you will get a lot of real options for real health and wellness that don’t involve interfacing with the medical community at all. Continued reading The Bright Side Mission Pt. 2