The Bright Side Mission Pt. 3

The medical model does nothing but confuse and obfuscate, and makes people give up on taking care of themselves because it all just seems too complex. The Bright Side boils down problems to the two conditions above at the cell level. Heal the cells, which are always breaking down and building up new ones, and you’re going to be healthier.

Bright Side Mission Philosophy – Simplify!

– The Bright Side regards the body as a divine biological system that heals itself if it is supplied properly with the raw materials it needs. The Bright Side Mission philosophy is about FEEDING, not FIXING.

(In case you missed them The Bright Side Mission Pt. 1, and The Bright Side Mission Pt. 2)

Bright Side Mission Pt. 3 - Syndicated Radio Show with Ben Fuchs

Bright Side Mission Pt. 3 – Syndicated Radio Show with Ben Fuchs

o The bright side is committed to the idea that the body is brilliant and forgiving and can turn on dime. The healing process can begin in a moment’s notice if we begin to change the choices we make. Depending on how far the rabbit hole we’ve gone, we can be the immediate beneficiaries of the body’s healing system.

o 70 – 80% of the health issues in the U.S. are degenerative diseases, and doctors cannot do ANYTHING about this condition. You can help yourself, though!

o The body needs nutrition, respiration, movement (to generate electrical energy and deliver nutrients), and long periods of relaxation rest (for the growth to take place)

– The Bright Side Philosophy believes that the body is well, that we’re not sick, but rather, we’re starving.

o Healing and health must occur first as a belief system, idea, or philosophy before it can progress physically

o This is what PB means when he says that health and wellness is:

§ Spiritual first

§ Mental/emotional second

§ Physical – last, and only if the first two are fulfilled

o The Bright Side is not as much a nutrition show as it is a show about the glory and greatness of the human being and body

– Therefore, make sure that you are nourishing yourself providing yourself with the necessary nutrients before you go off looking for salvation from herbs, drugs, and exotic elements that are not part of the body’s essential line up of nutrition

– Digestive wellness is fundamental and primal; if you get nothing else from The Bright Side philosophy, you should understand that when you fix the digestive system and digestive health, all the dominoes of disease will start to fall down

– The job of a healing professional should be to make themselves obsolete and put the power and responsibility back with the patient

o We need to be our own doctors, nutritionists, and dieticians!

– The Bright Side puts forward many ideas that fly in the face of much of what we know to be “True” about health and staying well. One of the most important and radical ideas is that our symptoms are NOT the problem.

o We want to begin to work with the idea that our… migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, acne, psoriasis, hypertension… whatever our challenges are, it’s not as much the problem as it is a pointer to the solution.

o We get signals and signs that our biochemical train has gotten off track.

– On the Bright Side, we always want to look for patterns and simplicity. Using pharmacological to heal the body is almost always doomed to failure.

– The Bright Side philosophy is about simplification, about addressing causes, not merely addressing symptoms or addressing numbers on a chart

o On the Bright Side, we always want to look for patterns and simplicity. Using pharmacological to heal the body is almost always doomed to failure.

o If you try to address your problem at the symptom level, you are going to go insane, especially as you get older and the symptoms start to pile up

o The Bright Side Way is that there are certain biochemical tweaks that have to be made. After that’s done, make sure you’re getting the necessary raw building materials, that you are oxygenating through deep breathing, hydrating, and then… get out of the way!

One of the main principles that underlies “The Bright Side Philosophy” is that symptoms don’t matter.

o If we really want to be effective in restoring our God-mandated status of health, we should be concerned about WHY we have our symptoms, not what the symptom(s) is (are).

It’s not the diagnosis that counts; it’s the breakdown that counts

o Alzheimer’s Disease is arthritis of the brain – arthritis is a breakdown of the body at the joint level; Alzheimer’s Disease is a breakdown of the body at the brain level

o Psoriasis is Celiac Disease on the skin: one is on the skin, the other is in the intestines

o Varicose veins are hemorrhoids of the legs

o Wrinkles are osteoporosis of the face

– All disease boils down to tissue not growing as it should – cells that make up tissue are not growing as they should; that is what ALL degenerative disease is about, period. There are only two reasons why this happens:

o #1: The cell is starving of nutrients (water and breathing are considered nutrients)

o #2: The cell is suffocating in its own waste and toxicity

– The medical model does nothing but confuse and obfuscate, and makes people give up on taking care of themselves because it all just seems too complex. The Bright Side boils down problems to the two conditions above at the cell level. Heal the cells, which are always breaking down and building up new ones, and you’re going to be health(ier).

o Nutriate, respirate, move the body, and rest!

– Looking at disease in this light LIBERATES us from the tyranny of the corporate medical model, of hospitals

– The beauty of the health model that we talk about on The Bright Side is that it doesn’t require authorities or authority figures. We must get rid of this idea that somebody else can take care of our bodies, especially when it comes to cardiovascular health, because it is SO simple to do it ourselves.

o The message of The Bright Side is that:

§ You don’t need drugs

§ You don’t need doctors

§ You don’t need insurance companies

§ You don’t need somebody other than yourself to tell you about your body

– While symptomology is not pleasant, we want to reframe our difficulties as pointers to the road to recovery, which will almost always direct us to problems in:

o The Adrenal-Stress System

o The Blood Sugar-Insulin System

o The Digestive System – most important of all!

The body is always both breaking down and building up, to keep tissue going and fresh. It’s a question of being in net breakdown or net buildup. We want to be in net buildup. Whatever the disease is, whether stones in the salivary glands, diabetes, or whatever… the body is in net breakdown mode.

– The Bright Side is about cleaning up the degenerative environment and reversing it from catabolism (breakdown – “cata-” comes from the Greek work for downard) to anabolism (buildup – “ana-” comes from the Greek work for upward). No drugs can turn a catabolic system into an anabolic system!

On the Bright Side, we’re always seeking to simplify things and the best way to simplify bodily functions is to break them down into two broad categories/components

1. Net breakdown mode

2. Net buildup mode

– Most of the diseases that humans suffer are the net result of an ongoing breakdown mode.

– Whether it is a knee problem, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc., you want to think of it as breakdown.

o The “Why” behind problems is almost always the following:

§ Digestive

§ Blood Sugar

§ Adrenal-Thyroid

§ Combination thereof

o When you adjust the underlying cause, the body will take of the symptoms on its own.

– The way to treat breakdown mode issues (i.e., disease and aging) is to get into the net buildup mode

o Give yourself the things that will stimulate “buildup”, aka anabolism

§ Protein

§ EFA’s

§ Minerals

o Eliminate the things that cause net breakdown

§ Sugar

§ Bodyfat

§ Extra calories

o It’s not that complicated!

– The Bright Side philosophy is NOT to work at the emergency level with quick fixes; it is about working on the environment of the body

o It’s about giving people a targeted nutritional formula, medicine, or some sort of allopathic remedy

o You can’t clear up your arteries by taking Vitamin-this or vitamin-that; you need to address breakdown at the global, overview level

– So what is the bright side philosophy about?

o Focus on the body and the environment, NOT on the symptoms. It’s not about the problem, it’s about the WHY the problem is there. We seek to correct the reason behind the WHY. Any kind of health issue has a “why” behind it.

o Healing means “to be made whole”. This can only be done when the body’s biochemistry is working the way it should be. The body then becomes a coherent whole. Like a symphony – when they are practicing in the beginning, it sounds like crap, but when the show goes on, it sounds like a symphony

o The human body has a miraculous healing system. It’s always breaking down and repairing, and this breakdown-buildup process is occurring simultaneously all the time.

§ Cells break down and cells build up

§ At any given moment, the body is either in NET breakdown or NET buildup mode. If you add all the breakdown processes and all the buildup processes, you get a net result. Think of it as a balance sheet with debits and credits. When you are in net breakdown mode, you are in the red, and so on.

o Rarely will someone have just one system. When the breakdown process happens, it happens in chain fashion throughout the body. As the breakdown process proceeds, it can manifest is all kinds of ways from gum disease to cancer. Trying to treat these symptoms can be maddening, leading exasperated sufferers to throw their hands up in defeat and say, “Cut that organ out, I can’t deal with it anymore!”

– Example: Letter to Pharmacist Ben (PB) by girl who is 23, no period, has fluid retention in lower extremities.

o If she goes to a doctor, she will probably get a prescription diuretic and some kind of female hormone to force her body to do something it would rather not do – have a period.

o The Bright Side Philosophy would approach it as follows:

§ What’s going on with the digestive system first? Is this woman eating inflammatory foods? Is she eating pro-estrogen food that will shut down the digestive system?

· Let’s hit the brain’s “satisfaction system” to correct any deficiencies in salt, protein, essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and remove poor dietary choices

§ What’s going on with the blood sugar system? Use diet and supplements

§ Adrenal-Thyroid: Nutrition, diet, and exercise

· Deep breathing techniques

· Exercise to address the pooling of water in the lymphatic system

o Do these things, and the periods will take care of themselves. No drugs, no doctors, no surgery, no radiation.

The Bright Side’s Square of Health – A Simple, Commonsense Recipe for Health

– The motto of The Bright Side for good health is: “Nutriate, Respirate, Move, and Rest”

o Nutriate – good, quality food and less calories

o Respirate – powerful breathing and deep oxygenation

§ Very important for detoxification – these can go a long way towards making you feel better, improving your health, and maximizing longevity

o Move – Get some intense movement of an exercise type; fatigue the muscles

§ Put some stress on your bones, muscles, and brain

o Rest – Relax and take it easy!

– We are looking for a clean, pristine biological system so that disease can make your body a home

o When cells have everything they need to grow strong and healthy, degenerative conditions of any type start to recede and then disappear

o Give your cells what they need to produce the proteins they need to produce!

– Simple, Commonsense Recipe for Health:

o Eat correctly – including hydration

o Supplementing correctly – this is a must

o Breath correctly

o Moving correctly

o That’s it!

– Must-Have Supplements:

o A good probiotic supplement:

§ Flora FX by Youngevity

§ Bio Lumin Nightly Essence by Youngevity (PB’s favorite)

o Multivitamin

§ Ultimate Daily by Youngevity

o Essential Fatty Acids

§ Ultimate EFA’s by Youngevity

o Beyond Tangy Tangerine – not a must, but excellent to compensate for lack of nutrients in the middle of the day, especially if you are eating low-quality foods that rob you of your vitamins and minerals

o Digestive Enzymes – again, not a must, but great for digestive health and for inflammatory conditions

– On The Bright Side, weight loss is NOT the goal, it’s the BYPRODUCT of the goal

o You’re going to lose weight when you start a nutritional supplement program and healthy program

o You don’t have to be restricted: there are many great foods you can eat and lose weight at the same time

– If we losing weight by using The Bright Side philosophy:

o Eating more protein

o Eating lots of EFA’s

o Getting all essential vitamins and electrolytes

o Correcting digestive issues

o Correcting blood sugar issues

o Working on adrenal health

o Learning how to breathe correctly

o Drinking lots of water…

– By giving our body what it needs to thrive and staying away from what’s unhealthy, not only will we be healthier, but we will definitely 100% lose weight without even trying

o PB gets letters about success stories constantly talking about losing 10 – 60 lbs. all the time!

Once you get yourself healthier, you’re going to lose weight. Weight loss is not the goal.