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Bright Side Ben

What is the Bright Side?

The Bright Side is about understanding the invisible power that is pervades us, that is all around us and that we readily access, albeit unconsciously. This invisible power is not new agey or airy fairy or in any way, less than scientific. In fact, It’s as scientific as the electricity that turns on our lights. Actually, it is the same as the electricity that turns on our lights. It is this invisible power that shows up as electrical energy that powers the human body and powers the human mind. It is responsible for healing and growing and thriving and in biological terms we can refer to it as the life force.

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If you are religious you can call it GOD. When this life force, electrical energy, GOD if you like, is detected by the eyes we call it light as in the light of the world, when it is detected by the ears we call it sound as in the word, as in “in the beginning there was the word”. The wondrousness of this omnipresent, eternal stuff is that while it is one thing it shows up in endless diversity of form from the smallest bacteria to the largest stars and it is exactly the same stuff that runs our bodies. This invisible power is only invisible until we see it’s work and that’s what the Bright Side is about. Understanding how to consciously access and how to consciously use the invisible power that fuels every living thing. All sickness and disease is simply poor technique. Lack of skill. Much the same as a child learning a musical instrument, poor health is simply the physical equivalent of the horrible sound a violin makes when a 5 year old picks it up for the first time. The Bright Side is about understanding that the same way that 5 year old, if he keeps practicing, no matter how horrible he may sound at first, will eventually become a talented musician, if he keeps practicing, if we keep practicing how to use this invisible power, this Life force we can become virtuosos of life, virtuosos of living.

We can strive to treat our health issues and our life issues as exercises that will eventually build our life skills. When it comes to health, never, ever let any medical professional tell you that you just have to live with a health crisis, or you’ll have to be on this drug for the rest of your life. There invisible power, the life force gives the human body has an astounding ability to repair itself. Every little shaving nick or paper cut is an opportunity to witness this amazing healing power. Bone cells, liver cells, lung cells, stomach cells, blood cells, skin cells are constantly dying and being born, again and again and again and again till the day we die. Revelation 21:5 God says “behold, I make all things new”, and nothing exemplifies more than the human body.

But we got remember the old adage GIGO, garbage in garbage out. Garbage thoughts, garbage feelings and garbage food produce garbage bodies. Physical health and wellness are built first and foremost from quality thoughts. We should all be striving to understand the thought process and then to harness the thought process for our ultimate good. Consciously selecting healthy positive thoughts and releasing old negative thoughts. And when comes to emotions and feelings, we have to learn how to feel our feelings so they can be released. One of the most sure fire ways to create illness is to suppress feelings. At a very young age we learn that our feelings are not OK, and we become very skilled at suppression. Feeling feelings fully doesn’t come easy for us, but it’s a skill that can be learnt and we can actually come to enjoy them. Even unpleasant feelings like anger and fear are not problematic as much as resisting anger and fear. Can you see the difference between feeling fear and resisting feeling fear? Between feeling sadness or anger and resisting feeling sadness or anger. The feeling itself is just energy coursing through the body. The real problem is, and the negative health implication that arises is in the resistance. That’s what creates the tension and resistance and ultimately the lack of ease or dis-ease. Continue reading The Bright Side Mission

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