Email from Barbara, April 2013
I was the last caller on your show last Wednesday or Thursday.  I was experiencing horrible sleep due to hot flashes and night sweats.

Ben Fuchs TestimonialsSo I did go out and purchase liquid melatonin (yes, practically dirt cheap) started on 6 mg, slashed all forms of sugars, fructose, veggies high in carbs., even my glass of red wine after work.  Started on the sweet eze again.  Being doing intermittent fasting.  Long story short cannot believe how terrific I feel in just a very short amount of time.  Longer periods of deep sleep with lesser hot flashes & night sweats.  Also noticed an even greater sense of well being during the day.

On today’s show 4/29 you spoke about watching children, how they move.  Interesting enough I have being using my 21 month old grandson as a gauge of my flexibility.  Using your info and Youngevity products I can now bend, move & squat down & play with my grandson like he is in the picture.  That is why I attached the picture to this email.  Also I have lost 60 lbs. focusing on achieving fat loss & super duper heath instead of just losing weight.

Thank you so much!

Facebook Post from Martin April 2013
Hi Ben, nice to meet you as well. I want to thank you for all you do to supply us all with the outstanding health information you provide. I listen to your radio show often and have learned a lot of great info on getting healthy.

I have dropped 46 lbs in the last 8 weeks using the Youngevity products. They have been a tremendous blessing..

Sent from Rochester Hills, MI

Facebook Post from Jeff April 2013
Huge fan, listen to you and Alex everyday. You helped change my life and empowered me to help the lives of those around me. Thank you for everything. Never stop fighting the good fight, one day the world will get better with people like you inspiring others and passing your excellent knowledge down to those who will listen. Thanks again

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