Tinea Versicolor


By Ben Fuchs | Pharmacist Ben

DMSO is the most powerful, effective and safe pain reliever you’ve never heard of. And that’s not all. According to Dr. Morton Walker writing in the book “DMSO, Nature’s Healer”, DMSO can effectively treat skin lesions ulcerations cataracts and reduce the painful symptoms of shingles too. It’s a cancer fighter, an anti-inflammatory and an FDA approved treatment for interstitial cystitis, a painful urinary tract condition. And, it’s been shown to pretty darn effective for treating tinea versicolor, a fungal infection of the skin. According to Lazaro Sehtman, M.D, DMSO was 100 percent effective in eliminating the unpleasant fungus in 42 separate cases.


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But by far the most interesting and unusual property of DMSO is its ability to deliver active material through the typically impermeable skin surface. This property to help “drive” substances through the skin and into the blood and internal milieu of the body is known as transdermal penetration and nothing does it better than non-toxic DMSO.

If you’re interested in using DMSO for its transdermal properties, here’s what you want to do. First, check with the doctor who prescribed your medication before you do this because you’re going to get a rapid effect and because you’re bypassing the liver’s protective effects, if you don’t adjust your dose downward you could end with side effects or toxicity. Also, you may want to check yourself for DMSO sensitivity by applying a small amount to your forearm and checking for rash or irritation.

Once you’ve gotten your doctor on board, mix your medication or whatever chemical you want to experiment with in a little DMSO. Once you’ve gotten your drugs dissolved in a solution, apply a specific amount with a syringe ideally to a cotton ball. Do the math so you know how much medication is in the solution and in the liquid that you’re applying on the cotton ball. That way if you end up with to a large or too small a dose you can correct more effectively. Or if you end up with just the right effects you’ll be able to keep your dose consistent.

After applying the solution the cotton ball, apply it to an area on the body. The thinner skin areas like your forearm or your neck or inner thigh will give you the moist rapid absorption. Thicker skin areas like the palm of your hand or the sole of your foot will give you slower absorption. If you really want rapid absorption, you can try exfoliating the area you’re applying your solution to with some apple cider vinegar or lemon or lime juice. Rubbing the solution in will help drive the material through the skin, and if you apply a bandage to the solution after you apply, again you can help accelerate the penetration process (patches always improve penetration). Be extremely careful of contaminating your solution because whatever is combined with the DMSO is going to penetrating just as effectively as your intended medication substance.

If you have an injured area you can try this with aspirin or MSM sulfur. If you live in an area like California or Colorado where marijuana is legal you can mix your DMSO with some pot and that way you won’t have to smoke it or eat it. Bodybuilders have been known to use DMSO with anabolic steroids (only with a doctor’s prescription, of course), some cancer patients have been known to use DMSO solution for their chemotherapy. And DMSO may have anti-cancer benefits on its own. It targets cancer cells and when it’s mixed with chemotherapy it’s likely that the medication will also target malignancies. If you have cancer read Chapter 11 in Morton Walker’s wonderful book where discusses the high affinity that DMSO has for tumor cells and the anti-cancer benefits of transdermal DMSO chemotherapy.

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