Survival Genes Called Sirtuins

By Ben Fuchs | Pharmacist Ben

The latest darlings in the world of biochemistry are family of genes called sirtuins, represented most commonly one that goes by the name Sirt2.

Survival Genes Called SirtuinsThe sirtuins compose an important part of a basic and ancient genetic stress response system, they are part of a section of DNA that codes and creates proteins, and ultimately chemicals, that for millennia have contributed to our ancient ancestor’s abilities to survive famine, wild animals, and other threats on the great grasslands of Paleolithic Africa. Scientists say that the sirtuins are highly “conserved”, which means that the same set of genes are found in a wide range of life forms with a broad spectrum of evolutionary sophistication, from primitive yeasts to highly developed human cells.

The sirtuins can best be thought of as survival genes. The end result of sirtuin activation involves a vastly unader-apprecitated facility for dealing with stress. Sirtuin activation produces anti-cancer substances, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting chemicals, and supports cell energy and overall metabolism. Sirtuin induced synthesis of proteins makes a cell stronger, healthier and more reliant and long-lived.
Despite the tremendous importance of sirtuin stimulated health, the relevant link between stress and wellness remains a secret. Why? Because we hate stress! And, we’ll do anything to avoid it. We have created the biggest and most intrusive and oppressive nanny state in the history of mankind simply because we want security and can’t bear to deal with stress of uncertainty. For the same reason, 21st century mankind is mired in addiction to food, drugs, and diversion. The lesson of the sirtuins is that, ironically, the ability to handle stress requires us to undergo stress. Animals that face regular episodes of hunger or starvation develop more efficient energy extraction mechanisms for leveraging whatever caloric intake they can manage to get. In the vegetable kingdom sirtuins in plants that only get watered occasionally stimulate the development of stronger moisture trapping roots.

Over past decade, the Sirt family of genes have been increasingly exploited for health and beauty; recently they have caught the attention of the trade journal “Cosmetic and Toiletries” which made the registration of new sirtuin activating ingredients one of their monthly patent picks. Studies show Sirt induced proteins can protect skin cells from aging and amplify their production of chemicals that up-regulate sun protective chemistry.

Ingredients like resveratrol, a nutritional supplement and skin care ingredient that can be extracted from grape skins, has been shown to have powerful sirtuin stimulating benefits. And a molecule called quercetin, which is found in fruits and vegetable, has been shown to have beneficial effects on sirtuin activation. Ditto for branch chain amino acids, which are prized by athletes for their muscle building effects, and which may also have a beneficial stimulating effect on sirtuin 2 activation.

One of the best ways to take advantage of sirtuin benefits is fasting or caloric restriction (CR). A 2010 study published in the journal “Cell” firmly identified the Sirt genes as being responsible for the many of the health benefits associates with CR. A second paper, this one from from MIT Department of Biology, reported that “Sirt 2 is required for lifespan extension by CR”. And in a third article this one published in the journal “Nature”, earlier this year, the authors determined that Sirt stimulating compounds like resveratrol have health and longevity benefits for a cell that are indistinguishable from those achieved by reducing calories.

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Top Ten Foods For Protection From Estrogen

By Ben Fuchs | Pharmacist Ben

Number 1) Cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy and Brussels sprouts.  If I was a woman I’d be doing cruciferous veggies on a daily basis.  The one knock and the cruciferous veggies is their affect on the thyroid.  Some folks who are dealing with thyroid health issues may find that raw. Cruciferous veggies may have a negative effect on the thyroid.  If you slightly stem your veggies, for most folks that should take care of the problem.

Estrogen FoodsNumber 2) Citrus lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges.  Chemical in these fruits called flavanoids have some tremendous anti estrogenic affects, especially when it comes to cancer protection.  Especially for female cancer like breast and uterine cancer.   Their tasty cheap and readily available and like the cruciferous veggies, there’s no reason not to be enjoying them on a daily basis.

Number 3) Onion and Garlic.  Like the citrus fruits these versatile veggies are loaded with estrogen protecting flavanoids, especially something called Quercetin.   They support liver health and can boost the immune system too.  They work well in combination with other flavanoids so use onions and garlic with the cruciferous veggies and citrus fruits for a nice immune boosting anti estrogenic salad or soup.

Number 4) Raw nuts and seeds both of which are sources of something called sterols which have protective affects against estrogen and may help promote production of estrogens opposing hormones progesterone.  Sterols can also support testosterone production in men and if you’re a guy and you’re starting to notice that you’re going to the bathroom more than once or twice in them idle of the nite, sterols may be a way to protect yourself from prostate enlargement.  Make sure your using raw nuts and seeds not the kind that are roasted or otherwise processed as these kinds of techniques can  reduce their nutritional value and even produce harmful compounds.

Number 5) Olives are also a good source of sterols that can have beneficial effects on estrogen and may help lower blood cholesterol too.  Olives are a good source of Vitamin E which has anti estrogenic properties.

Number 6) Turmeric, which is the active ingredient in curry.  Turmeric is one of the most medicinally herbs/ spices you could ever use and if you’re dealing with any estrogen issues or you want to protect yourself from cancer you’d be wise to use curry on everything.

Number 7) Fish and seafood which are sources of special compounds called DHA and EPA which have wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits that can offset the pro inflammatory affects of estrogen.  These compounds can also balance out the pro-inflammatory and pro-estrogenic compounds in most grain and cooking oils.  Get ion the Ultimate EFA which is a good source of the protective essential fatty acids.

Number 8) Green leafy veggies are a source of b-vitamin and chlorophyll both of which can help balance our estrogen.  In addition some green leafys like spinach is a source of powerful detoxification substances that help the body process excessive amounts of xenoestrogen.

Number 9) Seaweeds and algaes as mentioned previously are powerfully ant estrogenic.  These kinds of foods are very undervalues in Western cooking although in Japan they’ve been using seaweed as a source of nourishment for millennia.  I like to get the dry seaweed and use it like croutons to add a crunch to salads.  Sometimes I’ll soak my  seaweed in water with a bunch of garlic and onion powder and sea salt and use it as a bed underneath grilled  fish or squid.

Number 10) Fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut and borsht all have estrogenic properties.  The bacteria that give these types of foods their bite can help process estrogen and can provide digestive benefits too.

Estrogens or Oestrogens, are a group of compounds named for their importance in both menstrual and estrous reproductive cycles. They are the primary female sex hormones. Natural estrogens are steroid hormones, while some synthetic ones are non-steroidal. The name comes from the Greek οἶστρος (oistros), literally meaning “gadfly” but figuratively sexual passion or desire, and the suffix -gen, meaning “producer of”.
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