Breast Cancer and Double Mastectomy

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs and Alex discuss breast cancer, and Angelina Jolie’s recent double mastectomy.

The brilliant German biochemist Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that deficiencies in oxygen make cells cancerous. (See: What Really Causes Cancer)

In this video interview, Alex makes the observation “If you have brain cancer, why not have your brain removed?”

Predisposed to ovarian cancer? Take out your ovaries! Predisposed to breast cancer? Let’s hack them off. When you have surgery to remove your breasts, your body goes through the same trauma as if a wild animal were eating you. This whole thing with Angelina Jolie is like a poster child for the utter insanity of the modern medical model.

The BRCA gene mutations occur secondary to maternal malnutrition, when the baby is in the womb. A double mastectomy is one of the most severe and traumatic surgical procedures a human being can undergo, all in response to a mutation in her genetics that is secondary to lifestyle issues.

Epigenetics is all about nutritional and lifestyle factors that are transcendent to genetics. It’s the environment that the genes are in! Watch the video for more information and details.

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