Electricity is a Dieter’s Best-friend!

By Ben Fuchs | Pharmacist Ben

Living systems are electricity-generating at every level, from the atomic to the organismic. The brilliant Noble-prize winning biophysicist Albert Szent-Gyorgi, who is most recognized for his discovery of Vitamin C said: “…life is driven by nothing else but electrons (electricity) and by the energy given off by these electrons.”.

In terms of our human bodies, we are bioelectrical systems that depend on the generation and and conduction of electrical charges to operate effectively. This energy is at least partially carried via special atoms and molecules called “buffers” and “electrolytes”. There are 3 parts to our biological electrical system. There are alkaline substances like minerals (e.g. potassium, calcium, magnesium) and bicarbonate that function to suck up and carry electrical energy. These are said to be positively charged. Acid substances like fatty acids, ascorbic acid or amino acids spew out or contribute electrical energy. These are said to be negatively charged. And then there is the fluid medium (blood and lymph) that mixes everything together so the electricity can be conducted.

Electricity is a Dieter's Best-friendThis relationship between electrolytes, vitamins and other nutritional components in combination with liquids is one of the easiest biochemical phenomena that we can take advantage of for our nutrition and good health. Because all living systems contain electrolytes and buffers we can soak fresh fruits and veggies and eventually the energy conducting compounds will gradually leach out, turning plain old water into a highly electro-conductive beverage packed with potassium, magnesium and calcium and chloride and vitamins among other substances. It will amp up the body’s electrical energy, without contributing a caloric load or stressing the digestive system. You’ll feel a sense of vitality and vigor without the drowsiness that can follow normal dining. That’s why lemon water is a dieter’s best friend! The same is true about cucumber water, strawberry water, blueberry water or even fresh veggie soup. Just throw your fruits and veggies sliced up (make sure you leave the peels!) into a pitcher of water and let it sit for a few hours. You will have a tasty, electrical drink that functions as a source of trace nutrients and electricity-carrying substances. Drink up, you will find it energizing, and stimulating in a smooth, healthy and non-caffeine-like fashion. It’s zero-calorie, satisfying nature makes it ideal for dieters too!

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