Ecklonia cava

Deep Sea Algae that Can Reverse Heart Disease?

When you think of antioxidant-rich foods, fruits and vegetables probably come to mind. But there’s another source of these healthful compounds – and it just may be the most powerful food of all.

You won’t find this potential superfood in your garden, though. In fact, you won’t find it on land at all.

That’s because this antioxidant powerhouse is a type of seaweed.

Proponents say that, when taken in regularly, it can cure everything from heart disease, to obesity, to hair loss.

But what is the science behind this super antioxidant of the sea?

Treasure from the Tide…

An edible brown algae that grows off the coast of Korea, China, and Japan, Ecklonia cava has been used for thousands of years as an addition to Asian dishes.

Yet its potential health benefits have only begun to undergo study.

Why would scientists think that this slimy stuff could improve health?

Well, first, seaweed contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that closely resembles that of the human body. That means that the minerals and other healing elements found in Ecklonia cava are easily absorbed through the skin and digestive tract and into the blood.

Even more impressive, Ecklonia cava is incredibly high in polyphenols. These antioxidant compounds are found in other foods and beverages, including green tea, red wine, and berries.
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