3 Studies Linking Beans with Cancer Prevention

Elizabeth Renter

Pulses, legumes, beans—they have far more in common than the production of gas within your digestive system. They are both rich sources of protein and fiber, and contain valuable antioxidants. Bean EaterIt’s these characteristics that are tied to the cancer-preventing properties of the foods and that should motivate you to add more to your diet. Numerous studies have linked beans and legumes with cancer prevention.
How Beans Fight Cancer

Scientists with University College London found that beans actually contain an anti-cancer compound that blocks an enzyme involved in tumor growth. As BBC reported when the study first came out, scientists had been researching cancer treatment options that targeted the enzyme phosphoinositide 3-kinase directly but had difficulty until they found the natural compound in beans to do the work for them. Not only did the compound known as inositol pentakisphosphate block tumor growth, it enhanced other treatment options.

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