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Connective Tissue & Raisin Bread

Connective Tissue & Raisin Bread

Connective Tissue & Raisin Bread


-Connective tissue is one of 4 main tissues in the body. The others are nerve, muscle and epithelial tissue.

-Connective tissue is made up of cells and a matrix that is akin the raisins and bread.

-Most significant connective tissue cells are called blast cells and the manufacture

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Bone Soup: Miracle Food

Bone Soup

Bone Soup: Miracle Food It’s no secret that most people don’t get adequate nutrition through their daily food consumption. I spend much of my time educating folks about the nutritional supplementation we need to add to our diets to achieve longevity and vitality. There are a few foods, however, which stand out for their nutritional

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