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Weight Loss Guaranteed!

Weight Loss Guaranteed!

Considering the facts that 100 million Americans are either obese or overweight and that the number one New Year’s resolution for most of us is weight loss, one of the most surprising points about pound reduction is how simple it is to do. However, simple is not easy. In other words, while the biochemical principles involved in losing fat are not complicated in theory, in actual practice, the steps involved are more than likely to meet with resistance. That’s because, human beings are creatures of habit and we HATE change. Weight Loss GuaranteedIn fact, while most people think that the most common fears are the fears of death or public speaking or maybe the fear of the IRS, in actuality, what these, as well as all fears have as their common denominator, is the fear of CHANGE. So if your fear of changing your lifestyle and habits is too great, the only way you will accomplish the change of body contour that comes with weight loss is probably going to be by using ephedrine or Fastin or some or some other pharmacological furnishing. If however, you are truly ready to face the changes that a thinner you mandate, the following are the only 10 steps you need to take in the formation of a new skinnier you.

And, what’s even better, as a reward for taking the following steps, in addition to losing weight you will also:

– drop your blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health
– improve blood sugar and diabetic or pre-diabetic symptoms
– reduce your risks of cancer and degenerative diseases
– improve skin health
– have more energy
– feel a whole lot better

10 Steps to GUARANTEED Weight Loss

1) Reduce (eliminate) intake of insulin-spiking foods (breads, pasta, cereal, potatoes, corn, beans, rice, fruit juice, soda, candy, desserts etc.).
2) Strengthen insulin with supplements (chromium, vanadium, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, zinc, alpha lipoic acid etc.).
3) Replace insulin spiking foods with generous amounts of high quality protein (whey protein, slightly cooked or raw eggs, hempseed protein powder, and fish.)
4) Use lots of unprocessed and essential fatty acid rich oils, preferably unheated (Udo’s Blend, coconut, olive, macadamia nut, butter).
5) The bulk of calories should come from veggies of all varieties and colors (easy on yam, beat and carrot). Daily intake should be at least one pound of veggies for every 50 pounds of body weight. Blend veggies with oils and Celtic sea salt. Create veggies snacks.
6) Stay away from food allergens.
7) Ingest stomach stretching, non-caloric substances (fluids and fiber) with all meals. Drink copious amounts of water throughout the day. Many times we eat foods when all we really need is water. Distinguish hunger from thirst!
8) There are two kinds of eating. The kind of eating we WANT to do and the kind of eating we HAVE to do. Have to do eating occurs rarely. The large majority of caloric intake is not based on need but rather on social and psycho-emotional requirements. Eat when hungry and DO NOT EAT when not hungry (social, habit, taste, fun, boredom, etc.). And most importantly, daily nutritional supplementation can significantly reduce reduce the amount of eating you have to do.
9) Use metabolic stimulating and fat burning nutrients (B-complex, carnitine, glutamine, iodine, Omega-3 EFAs, taurine, methionine etc.).
10) Drink water with Celtic Sea Salt and nutrient drinks (e.g. Beyond Tangy Tangerine™) throughout the day.

If you have at least 5 or 10 pounds of weight to lose and you follow these 10 simple (if not easy!) steps, you will drop pounds, GUARANTEED!

About the author

Ben Fuchs I'm Ben Fuchs, a nutritional pharmacist from Boulder CO. I specialize in using nutritional supplements where other healthcare practitioners use toxic pharmaceutical drugs. I look at the human body as a healing & regenerating system, designed divinely to heal & renew itself on a moment to moment basis. "Take charge of your biochemistry through foods and supplements, rather than allow toxic prescription drugs to take charge of you."

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2 comments to Weight Loss Guaranteed!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Ben, Thanks for the tips. I am 350 lbs. That’s 7 lbs of veggies/day? yikes. We Cheri & I are starting a new diet Jan 1. Feel free to contact us or 406-445-9115 hm or 406-696-7994 cell. I met you in person at the Longmont training at Tom’s house.

    Gary Mathis

  • Hey Anonymous, yup, 7 lbs of veggies. It’s really not alot. Most vegetable matter is a largly composed of water. The remainder is fiber and other organic matter and excreted out the other end. Only small percentages of ingested plant material is used by the body. But on the way out the fiber and organic material can perform some very important functions. All in all, veggies are pretty much the perfect foods and 7lbs is not alot; for a big guy like you it sounds about right! I hope that helps…

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