But the lower mids are slightly reduced in HD800 than in HD800s. $139.99 $ 139. I use the HD800 for gaming. Between HD800 and HD800s, HD800s are more embedded with a certain type of earthiness that the HD800 cannot reach. Read more, Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone, Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System, beyerdynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier - Silver, Schiit Jotunheim Balanced Desktop Headphone Amplifier and Preamp with AK4490 DAC Module, Woo Audio WA6 2nd gen Vacuum Tube Class-A Headphones Amplifier (Black), Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 TV | Review and Analyze Comparison. By What Hi-Fi? It also has a more expansive sound scape. He was asking a simple question, a simple answer would suffice. The highs of the HD800 are not satisfactory and Sennheiser claims to fix the problems with treble it had earlier. While Sennheiser HD800 is lightweight and an excellent choice for the audiophiles. It has a very neutral sound profile … The package includes the headphones itself, a connection cable with ¼ inch stereo jack plug, a USB flash drive, a storage box, and an instruction manual. $4.99 shipping. Because of being open back, the soundstage that these headphones produce is more airy and huge. So, the question arises should I spend more money on an extra bit of features? Sennheiser HD800s is one of the popular headphones for being the flattest while music reproduction. Without further ado, we will now jump into the comparison between these two Sennheiser headphones and get our way through by helping you choose either one of them as per your requirements. I would recommend the hd700 not as good as the hd800 but probably the most comfortable headphone I have ever worn and they are easier to power. These studio headphones are great for professional use. But the minor differences we are talking about have a lot of impact in terms of sound quality and portability as well. Features. Tested with several Call of Duty versions. Launched in 2009, it set a new standard in the headphone industry with it’s ultra low distortion and exceptional soundstage. The HD800 is godly when gaming. Hello everyone, I’ve been planning to buy the Sennheiser Hd800S and the amplifer(not sure if I should) hdvd 800. I'm sure cheaper headphones like the dt990 and ad700-900 would do the same thing but having it on an end game cans is a major bonus for me. The Sennheiser HD800s are clearly a very good headphone that will please people who enjoy a monitor type sound. Sennheiser’s HD range of headphones is full of superstars, from the classic HD 650 to the new budget HD 518.But all the open-back models look a little bit too similar for our liking. I am going to bring into discussion two headphones which will give you a premium sound experience. People say you need to amp the dt 770. 99. Tub amp will bring delight like warmth and more emotion added to it. Comparing Hd 800 vs HD800s, for the convenience of the readers and make their choice easier. HD600 or HD650 are 99% as good as HD800 for gaming. 2.0 out of 5 stars 1. What is the Sennheiser Veil? For HD800s you can use Schiit Asgard 3 Headphone Amp. But if you already have HD800 you shouldn’t bother to upgrade it to HD800s. Without further ado, we will now jump into the comparison between these two Sennheiser headphones and get our way through by helping you choose either one of them as per your requirements. Sennheiser HD800S Wired Headphones best price is Rs. Press J to jump to the feed. Also not subtle is … The AKG K702 is one of the top studio headphones. The extra accessory that HD800s have is a balanced connection with an XLR-4 connector. A microfiber cloth is basically a cleaning cloth for headphones, which are the best cleansing agents. Thank you, I was worried because some people said that sennheiser is bad for gaming because they are not surround. However, the HD 660 S are way less expensive and may offer better overall value for their performance. These pairs of reference headphones centralize on delivering flat and accurate sound which is considered to be accurate sound production. The Sennheiser HD 800 S are better critical listening headphones than the Sennheiser HD 660 S. They are more comfortable, noticeably better-built, and their sound quality is also superior. The highs of HD800s are rounder and easier for listening. What does it mean to amp a headphone? Browse this site to find replacement ear pads, spare headphone cables, ear-tips, replacement batteries and headbands. But please don't buy them for gaming. They sound so much better with the amps it’s surprising. A USB flash drive and storage box for the headphones. Out the door with the other 7-8 pairs I've had in the last 9 months... Don't know what to get and I'm pretty stuck. HD600 or HD650 are 99% as good as HD800 for gaming. You could use Schiit Jotunheim with balanced DAC since it also has 4pin XLR. I have a budget about 150 more or less and I'm just looking for pure comfort and good sound for fps gaming. 11 April 2016. HD800 and HD800s are very comfortable and leave an ample amount of space around your ears. I have the HD800 and the soundstage is amazing. But the lows of HD800s is warmer than that of HD800. Q: What is the cable length if the headphones? For fans of classical and acoustic music, the HD800S will offer better control in … Headphones - Open Back. Yes they are good for gaming. HD800s comes with the same accessories as HD800. HD600 or HD650 are 99% as good as HD800 for gaming. These balanced wires eliminate RFL and radio magnetic interference naturally as each stereo channel’s two equal length and gauge wires picking up the same electric noise. Of course, they have to be to house the 56mm ring-radiator transducers and to mount them so they're firing "back" to your ears from the front. The HD800S has a slightly warmer edge to the proceedings, while maintaining the high levels of detail. Both headphones are open and of circum-aural design, reference class wired headphones. These headphones promise to provide a natural and realistic sound field with minimal resonance. The HD800s are great for gaming due to their ability to represent 3D sound and block off sound from the outside world (sound isolation). Q: How much stage height adjustment can be done on each side of the headphones? On the contrary, the high mids are more defined in HD800. The problem is now it may be TOO harsh and shrill! at first audition this headphone may not seem to live up to its own hype, and indeed its price tag - it doesnt shout out about its technical abilities in listening, it doesnt seem to strike you as being fantastic in one particular area. HD800 and HD800s don’t have that much of differences between them but when it comes to highs and lows you can really feel it. The headset I really like, tried it today with the amplifer connected to it. The Sennheiser HD800 is a long standing reference in the headphone world. Shares. The adjustment range is really wide. High end headphones are really good, but they are really overpriced compared to the cheaper options. The main difference between the appearance of these headphones is the absorb technology, which HD800 lacks.