Class-leading disease resistance ensures Lanai looks great from grower to garden. It features a very attractive, airy, lacy, dark green foliage covered with profuse and showy flowers, creating an endless carpet of blossoms from summer to frost. They… Rose verbena (Verbena canadensis), or vervain, is a perennial that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 to 10. Plant this Verbena in an area that gets plenty of full sun exposure for the best development. Has been surviving the winter here lately, but it gets a very slow start in the spring. Series: Lanai® Color: ... never goes out of style. Lanai® Twister Purple Verbena Plant. Moon Valley Nurseries Purple Trailing Verbena details and information. Everything we grow is from premium quality specimens, and we have been doing it this way for over 20 years! Verbena hybrida. A vibrant purple selection from the first reblooming verbena hardy to the low teens. Rough verbena (Verbena rigida) – aka stiff verbena, tuberous vervain, sandpaper verbena – is hardy in zones 7-9. Performs equally well in cool or hot summer regions. Verbena prefers regular watering with well drained soil with good air circulation. Purpletop vervain (Verbena bonariensis) is hardy in zones 7-11. Vigorously spreading, deep purple clusters from June to November. Popular in the ancient world for its healing properties and, today, as an essential oil, verbena has long been associated with divinity and the supernatural. Tumbling and spreading in habit, this gorgeous Verbena produces clusters of rich purple flowers throughout the entire summer. Drought tolerant once established. The flowers of the purpletop vervain are much smaller than the more common verbena, but just as plentiful. Million Bells look like a smaller version of petunias and they’re spectacular trailing flowers for containers. The plant will reach a height of about sixteen inches. MONDAY-SATURDAY 7:30AM-5PM SUNDAY 9AM - 5PM. A native to South America, moss verbena will bloom all spring and summer, making it useful as a ground cover. Moss verbena, Glandularia pulchella, are perennials that are only hardy in zones 8 to 10 and are quite short lived.Purpletop vervain Verbena bonarienses, is hardy in zones 7 to 11.One of the hardiest of verbena are the Trailing Verbena Glandularia canadensis and there are several popular varieties. The color spectacle appears with periodic blooms in spring through fall and attracts butterflies, creating a magical scene that adds curb … With blooms from early spring until frost, they offer a lot of color for landscape and pot culture. Hardy plant that stays very low. Perfect for planting in rock gardens, slopes, and borders. Tapiens are also highly mildew resistant and thrive under a wide range of weather conditions, ranging from extreme heat to light frost. The long… The purple-headed Verbena is toxic to animals. The taller and fuller varieties go nicely as mixed fillers in the garden. Plant number: 1.538.150. Verbena 'Homestead Purple' verbena . More Details. Butterflies are most fond of the sweet flowers whose colors include blue-violet, pink, lavender, salmon and white. Excellent for edging or rock gardens, but especially great in containers, baskets and window boxes. We assure the quality of everything we sell because we are the growers! Price: 6.95 Shipping Spring 2021 - view dates here. I love that dark purple color, and these flowers will add a nice bit of variety and texture to your garden beds and containers. Superbena® Red Verbena Plant. Rounded clusters of purple, pink, peach, white and red heavily cover the dark green, leathery leaves characteristic of trailing verbena (Verbena x hybrida), creating a carpet of color. This Verbena stays very low, and this low spreading variety is an ideal tender ground cover thanks to its dark green foliage accentuated by a mass of purple flowers. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 Valleybrook International Ventures Inc. Alphabetical list of all 4,000+ perennials here. Verbena (/ v ər ˈ b iː n ə /, vervain) is a genus in the family Verbenaceae.It contains about 250 species of annual and perennial herbaceous or semi-woody flowering plants.The majority of the species are native to the Americas and Asia. Unavailable for 2021 . To collect verbena seeds, allow a few of your plant’s flowers to die off naturally on the stem. Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. This species can grow up to 4 feet tall and put on a wonderful show in a garden setting, especially with other prairie-type plants and grasses. In fact, these are hardy plants that can take the heat, drought, and sun and still look great! The dark green foliage creeps and covers quickly. Purple Trailing Verbena is a very low maintenance plant that anyone can grow! Tumbling and spreading in habit, this gorgeous Verbena produces clusters of rich purple flowers throughout the entire summer. Verbena is commonly featured in hanging baskets, container combinations, rock gardens, or for mass planting in the garden. Series: Lanai® Color: ... never goes out of style. Verbena are creeping, soft perennial plants native to Eastern North America. It brings an extremely fine and delicate texture to the garden composition and should be used to full effect. All Rights Reserved. Planting Purple Trailing Verbena in your landscape is an excellent way to fill any barren area with bright color! Strong trailing habits are ideal for hanging baskets and mixed combinations. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Popular varieties include: Homestead Purple; Summer Blaze; Abbeville; Silver Anne Gardeners looking for a flowering annual with a long blooming time and an ability to attract butterflies should consider the reliable verbena. It is potentially rampant. 'Caradonna' Salvia (Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna') Salvia 'Caradonna' is similar to 'May Night' but it … This plant will have blue, white, purple or pink flowers. Beats all verbenas for summer performance - it takes the heat better, and stays in flower longer! Strong trailing habits are ideal for hanging baskets and mixed combinations. Homestead Purple Verbena is an herbaceous perennial with a trailing habit of growth, eventually spilling over the edges of hanging baskets and containers. This versatile plant comes in more than 250 perennial and annual varieties that range from vivid trailing plants with copious blooms and plants in hanging baskets to six-foot tall cottage garden accent plants.