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Finding Happiness Through Suffering: 8 Ways To Find Light in the Darkness

The journey of life can feature mountain peaks of happiness and valleys of suffering. Unfortunately the moments of happiness tend to be fleeting and the moments of suffering seem to go on for forever. Did you know that it is possible to find happiness through suffering without having to look up at the next mountain peak you’re trying to climb? The key to finding happiness through suffering is to actively seek out contentment.

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City Goes Fluoride-Free for Christmas

As of December 31, the City of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada will be fluoride-free for the first time since October 4, 1954 – finally escaping from municipal water fluoridation toxicity in 60 years. A vote to end fluoridation took place in November of this year, and it was unanimously accepted by the new Mayor and Council, expressing the wishes of Prince George residents.

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Huge Win: Monsanto Stock Downgraded After Worst Growth in 7 Years

This may be the most depressing news in seven years for Monsanto, but great news for the seed industry, which has been monopolized by the chemical peddler since the early 1990s. The target price for (MON +0.1%) has been lowered from $140 to $127. Conditions affecting the downgrade include “greater discounting, reduced trait purchases, reduced spending on seeds, and share gains for non-major seeds brands”

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You Want To Vaccinate My Child? Just Sign This Form

You Want To Vaccinate My Child? Just Sign This Form
I have yet to meet a Physician that will sign this form now downloaded by hundreds of parents. The reason they won't sign is two-fold: First, they do not want to place themselves in a vulnerable position of being negligent for not providing informed consent to thousands of other parents; and second, many of them realize after their own extensive research that the risks far outweigh any benefits when it comes to vaccination. It's been over a year since hundreds of parents have downloaded this form.

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Anti-depressants: Hormone of Happy or Hormone of Horror?

So which is it, hormone of happy or hormone of horror? If serotonin is indeed the chemical of calm that you hear about on commercials and if SSRI drugs are indeed the glee-inducing, depression-fighting drugs that your doctor tells you they are, why is that Lilly and Pfizer and all the other manufacturers of these substances are warning patients about side effects like suicide and violent and aggressive behavior?

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Cholesterol and Sugar

A very strange cultural myth has somehow become health dogma (defined as an authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolute truth) despite little definitive evidence to support it. A biochemically ignorant speculation and hypothesis (experiment) that many of us have bought into is that you can poison your body and your body’s cholesterol manufacturing system with cholesterol lowering drugs, and somehow be the better for it.

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Essential Oils

Essential Oil
Essential oils (EOs) are volatile chemicals that concentrate and contribute aromas and medicinal properties to plants. They’re found in all vegetation and can be extracted via distillation techniques to exploit the pharmacological and fragrance features. While EOs have many health benefits for various bodily systems, throughout history they’ve been particularly valued for their ability to treat skin health issues and to help maintain the health and beauty of the body’s largest organ.

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Healthy Mushrooms

Healthy Mushrooms
Next to supplements, nothing contains more nourishment value per gram of edible material than superfoods which WebMD defines as “multitasking food substances that provide multiple disease-fighting nutrients”. Although a quick internet search will reveal dozens of various foods that claim superfood status including eggs, yogurt, algae and various fruits and vegetables none can boast more nutritional value than the humble, crepuscular and manure-munching mushroom.

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Premenstrual Breakouts

Premenstrual Breakouts

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Pharmacy Rx, Pharacakeia & Horus

Pharmacy Rx, Pharacakeia & Horus

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