Why Ginger is an Effective Cancer Fighter

It’s clear that ginger has amazing healing capabilities similar to those of turmeric; it’s another one of those herbs that work both medicinally and also as a staple in many fine-tasting cuisines.

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Unlocking Happiness Built into Us

Once we understand the internal nature of the condition we can take this happiness horse by the reins and be happy whenever we like.

Posted by Ben Fuchs in Perspective

Glucosamine Slows Aging By Supporting Connective Tissue

This jelly-like material is a type of matrix and, because it is secreted outside of cells, it is called an extra-cellular matrix or ECM. This ECM is the prime determinant of the health of connective tissue and the body as whole.

Posted by Ben Fuchs in Nutrition

Real Cholesterol Statistics Behind Statin Drugs

The statistical sophistry of statin-mania is why you have to be careful with clinical claims and why we have to use common sense: drugs are foreign to the body; they are poisons and must be detoxified.

Posted by Ben Fuchs in Health

Waking Up from the Fluoride Nightmare

In 2001, the Caries Research Journal published research showing that fluoride accumulates in high levels in the pineal gland, which is responsible for melatonin production and therefore regulation of the body’s circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle), the onset of puberty in females, and protection of cells from free-radical damage.

Posted by Ben Fuchs in Toxic
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