Below, we have provided 50 Igbo proverbs and their meanings in English language for Igbo and non-Igbo speakers. – A fly that has no counselor follows the corpse to the grave. You can find also find Nigerian comedy, jokes, proverbs, traditional dances, baby names, news, food, and other Nigeria related content. 18 Responses to 20 Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs that will surely make you laugh. – If one fails to lick his lips, the harmattan will do it. Who you are is who you will give birth to. Eze mbe si na olu oha di mma, mana oriri oha na-aka ahu. Even though they are in Zulu, they can be translated into English without losing their intended meaning. – A goat that dies in a barn was never killed by hunger. A chuo aja ma a hughi udele, a mara na ihe mere be ndimmuo. Your email address will not be published. Proverbs have a deeper meaning that give them their sweetness. 8 Local Words That Have The Same Pronunciation And Meaning In Yoruba And Edo Languages, All You Need To Know About the Igbo People of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea, Iwa Iji- New Yam Festival of the Igbo People, Igbo Pre-Colonial Political System or Administration,, Nigerian ethnic groups and their languages, How To Greet Or Say Hello In 15 Nigerian Languages, The Igue Festival- Edo's colourful festival, Oriki Offa – Eulogy of Offa Town in Kwara State, Our Culture, Our Tradition: Embracing The Nigerian Way Of Life, Five Unchallengeable Facts About The Hausa People, Opobo: Land of the Great King Jaja Where Noise Making is Forbidden at Night, Oriki Ibeji (Yoruba Twins Panegyric) and its English Translation, List of over 350 Ethnic Groups in Nigeria and the states they are found, Titles of Traditional Rulers in Yorubaland, Oriki Ilorin Afonja (Panegyric of Ilorin), Ibi Ugwu (Male Circumcision) In Igbo Land, Osu Caste System in Igboland- A Tradition Painted With Discrimination, Oruko Amutorunwa (Pre-Destined Names) In Yorubaland, 12 Amazing Facts About Opa Oranmiyan (Oranmiyan’s Staff) That You Never Knew, Detailed List Of Five Tribes Found In Kwara State, Oke’badan festival in the heart of Ibadan, The Real Origin And Meanings of Yoruba Names, Indirect Rule in Nigeria – Overview, Reasons and Results, Download Mo Ri Keke Kan by King Sunny Ade, 'Three Roads To Tomorrow'- A Nigerian Film Shot In 1958, Comprehensive History of Ilorin and the Reign of Afonja, Meet Benson Idonije, Fela Kuti’s Manager And Burna Boy’s Grandfather, Anglo-Zulu War: Account of the Historical War Between Great Britain and the Zulu Kingdom in 1879, Download Peoples Club Odogwu by Osita Osadebe Mp3, The First Republic In Nigeria And Its Collapse (1960-1966), Execution of General I.D Bisalla and other Feb. 1976 coup plotters (with photos), Download Omo To Shan – Olamide ft. Wizkid, Fuji Music: Download Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s Songs, The National Union of Nigerian Students (NUNS, 1956), Download Aye Nreti Eleya Mi by King Sunny Ade, Erin Ijesha Waterfall: Tourist Destination in Osun State. 3. 5. Thanks for understanding. No matter how many push-ups the lizard does, it will never be as muscular as the alligator. – Who knows how water entered into the stalk of the pumpkin? 11. — Igbo proverb. This proverb is very common among mothers. Required fields are marked *. Some proverbs are not even unique to Nigeria, they are part of the many funny African proverbs said across the continent. O bia mgbe Alio Ene gburu atu, ya biakwa ma atu zogbuo Alio Ene. This proverb is so relevant, legendary Afrobeat pioneer, the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, sang it in a song. 8. You know it is a Nigerian proverb when the only and best way to explain it is with another proverb. Speech is silver,silence is golden 2. A chicken with beautiful plumage does not sit in a corner. The next best way to say it is in Pigin English when it is translated to “when wind blow, fowl bumbum go open”. Below, we have provided 50 Igbo proverbs and their meanings in English language for Igbo and non-Igbo speakers. Onyeubiam adi(ghi) aza “Omeokachie.” – An indigent does not take the title of “Omeokachie” (i.e. Nwata bunie nna ya enu, akpaamu ya ayochie ya anya. 4. Wisdom is wealth! The proverb simply means that no secret remains hidden as circumstances just as strong as the wind will reveal them. This was very helpful but I still need the meanings of the following proverbs:-1. – The ocean never swallows a person with whose leg it does not come in contact. African proverbs are associated with Africa, and most Africans are familiar with them. Many may not know the meaning, but this proverb is talking about procrastination. 32. 19 cool African proverbs and their meanings All the many different types of African people have a rich cultural heritage that has survived colonialism, conflict and many other issues. – What was secret is revealed in the market place. “Truth is a cure” Meaning… Okwulu anaghi amiri ote ofe. African proverbs about life, love, friendship, marriage and other important issues reflect all the ancient and vital knowledge every educated person should be aware of. — African proverb. — African proverb. Do not force it or do the unthinkable because nothing will change the outcome. A lot of people allow anger to consume them, as opposed to finding ways to move forward and that is where this funny Nigerian proverb comes to the play and it is the truth, no matter how much your anger boils, it cannot cook yam, meaning nothing beneficial will become of it. 4. Nwaanyi muta ite ofe mmiri mmiri, di ya amuta ipi utara aka were suru ofe. (Nigerian Proverb) If the load is too heavy for someone to carry, one would be better off to give the load to the ground to carry. This is largely because food is central to life and a reflection of the people. No matter how beautiful and well crafted a coffin might look, it will not make anyone wish for death. – He who calls whenever Elder Ene kills a deer, let him call if the deer kicks the living daylight out of Elder Ene. As with Africa, We have our own African proverbs, the pride of our African culture, African proverbs have always been used to convey important messages during conversations. 151. They offer one with teachings of wisdom in just a sentence. 451 Nigerian Proverbs. One thing I respect deeply about Africa is the treasure of wisdom our ancestors have handed down to us. 3. No matter what the goat does, it will still be sold in the market, meaning, what will be will be. The child will always be a chip off the old block. – The tortoise said that many hands at work is enjoyable, but many mouths to feed can be embarrassing. Nwunye awo si na di atoka uto, ya jiri nuta nke ya kworo ya n’azu. – Tell a child to wash his body, he washes his stomach. Disobedience will not take you far, it will only teach you a bitter lesson and this is what the proverb says. In a multi-ethnic country […] African proverbs have always been full of deep meanings, and wisdom, and something that you can always look to for inspiration, and motivation. The selection below come from right across the African continent – whilst most of the proverbs are specific to countries or ethnic groups, there are a number that are of unknown source, and are simply ‘African proverbs’. 12. 2. All countries have their own proverbs and wise sayings. The proverb may sound funny, but it is the gospel truth. African proverbs not only provide guidance and wisdom like proverbs from other places, but they also provide outsiders with a view of life in the various African tribes. 9. When you see trouble humble yourself, if you allow pride to becloud you, you will surely wake conflict up. Here’s a list of African proverbs from around African the continent. Nigerian Proverbs. 10. Some are known to come from specific African tribes, ethnic groups, or African countries, and others have an unknown source and are listed simply as “African proverbs.” – There are various leaves in the bush, but people go in to look for okazi leaves. Unauthorized use or duplication of our contents without express and written permission from us is strictly prohibited. In life when things happen there must be a root cause. 4. Here are some Nigerian proverbs and their meanings. Translation: When a plan falls out, you should not give up but keep trying. – When the baby wren is growing, it looks like it would be bigger than its mother. Nigeria proverbs are the pride of not only Nigeria but of the whole of African culture as well. 20. Nigerian Proverbs. African proverbs, which are old-age adages often referring to the earth, animals, and everyday activities, convey life lessons. one who completes whatever he puts his hand to). A bag that says it will not take more, and a traditional doctor who says he would not leave anything behind are both sure to suffer. 20 African Proverbs And Their Meanings by How South Africa October 20, 2017, 12:27 pm 1k Views As with Africa, We have our own African proverbs, the pride of our African culture, African proverbs have always been used to convey important messages during conversations. Proverb : “Bi Esin ba dáni gúlè ã tun gun ni!” Meaning: If a Horse fell someone, what we do is to re-climb it. Ijiji na-enweghi onye ndumodu na-eso ozu ala n’inyi. Ray 26/10/2020 at 12:53 AM - Reply. Only a fool tests the depth of a river with both feet. – A presumed fool who sleeps in his father’s house is not a fool. Teslim Opemipo Omipidan is an award winning Nigerian journalist, poet, writer, historian and founder of You know who you love, but you can’t know who loves you. — African proverb. A. Emovon Department of Culture, Federal Ministry of Information and Culture , 1994 - Nigeria - 202 pages Reply. These proverbs have been the same from the times of our ancestors and are still relevant today. As we celebrate Africa Day, we have decided to share with you 20 African Proverbs and Their Meanings: […] In the same way, our conversations are enriched by the proverbs we use. African Proverbs and their Meanings. The meaning of this proverb borders around wisdom and what it really means is a child does not see or understand things the way a more experienced elder would and therefore struggle to make wise decisions. Ohia woro gi nku, sere gi onu – The forest that denies you firewood has massaged your neck. – A buxom waist that makes her man (husband) kill a goat for her when he looks at it. Anger is a wasteful and deadly emotion. “Nwunye anyi, nwunye anyi”: ka ndeli bia ka anyi mara onye o bu nwunye ya. 31. Onye si na ya anaghi ata anu nkita, ya arakwala mmiri ofe ya. Their hidden meanings main function was to warn, teach, entertain and prevent tragedy by using wise examples through oral literature, stories and wise sayings. Chinua Achebe (1930-2013), one of Africa’s and Nigeria’s most celebrated sons said it best, “Proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten.” Referring specifically to Igbo culture, and indeed in many Nigerian cultures, palm oil is used to make the meal sweeter.

nigerian proverbs and meanings

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