Tomato thokku is one of the delicious pickle that we can make at home. Tomato thokku is a great sidedish for idli, dosa, chapathi and even for rice.It goes well with pretty much everything, next to podi I love such thokku varieties to store as it helps when you are busy during the morning hours to make an elaborate breakfast.. Today let us learn how to make green tomato kootu following our easy green tomato kootu recipe. Tomato - Green Chilli Thokku This a spicy thokku that goes well with Idli's/ Dosa/s, but I love to have with curd rice. Serves: 2 - 3. 1/2 tsp. Method Heat a kadai with some oil Add onions, pounded garlic, and saute them Add capsicum and saute along Add salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder and mix well Add tomatoes and mix well Add some oil and saute it for 20 mins Turn off the stove, Onion Tomato Thokku is ready to be served 1 tablespoon oil. Keep adding little gingelly oil, jaggery and stir until the juices evaporate completely, and the tomatoes resemble a paste form. Tomato Thokku - Thokku recipes - Tomato thokku - easy homemade thokku prepared with tomatoes, chilly powder, tamarind and fenugreek powder. 4. Accompaniments. tomato thokku … It was thick, bright red and looked so very appetizing. of oilSalt to tasteFor Seasoning1 tsp. There won’t be any chunks of tomato-onion as we are grinding it to a smooth paste. Green Chilli Thokku. Roma tomatoes and the regular tomatoes are the best choice for this recipe. #TomatoThokku : Tomato #thokku is all time favorite of my daughter. Green tomato pappu presents an exciting combination of lentils like tuar dal with tomatoes and green chillies. It’s a simple kootu prepared with green/raw tomatoes, moong … I referred this recipe from Mrs.Revathi Shanmugam channel here.. All we need after the delicious Diwali goodies is the simple food. Manga Thokku. While I am very grateful that a storm that inflicted so much damage on so many people was so kind to us I was a little upset with the damages to my small patio garden. Thokku means a spicy cooked pickle that looks more like a chutney. Tomato thokku doesn’t require lot off ingredients . Today I am going to share a very easy recipe. This could be enjoyed as a tasty side dish with idli, dosa, chapathi, or curd saadam. It is prepared by sauteing the tomatoes along with spices, until they shrink and ooze oil. You can have it with white rice, curd rice, idli, dosai, chappathi,etc: An interestingly unique side dish for any breads and rice. Checkout other pickle varieties in TMF, Maavadu. Once the tomatoes are soft, take the lid off and let it cook, stirring occasionally, till the liquid evaporates and the sauce reduces to a thick paste. Dried Manga Pickle. Green Tomato Thokku Irene came and left us relatively unscathed. Tomato thokku, if refrigerated, remains good for 10 to 12 days. Add the tomatoes slowly and keep stirring. Tomatoes are evergreen vegetable, so you can prepare this whenever you want it. Then heat 1/4 cup oil in pan and add this ground paste and cook for 8-10 mintes. Tomato - Green Chilli ThokkuThis a spicy thokku that goes well with Idli's/ Dosa/s, but I love to have with curd rice.For this thokku you need5 nos of ripened big sized tomatoes8 green chillies.1/2 tsp. 'Thokku' can also be prepared from green tomatoes - it tastes great with curd rice or dosa. This Spicy Tomato thokku recipe can be easily stored in refrigerator for 2 weeks and without refrigeration for 3-4 days.. It can be eaten as soon as it is prepared and has a shelf life of a week - … Roma tomatoes are fleshy with a slight tang, making them just perfect for this thokku. It is served as an accompaniment with rice and also pairs well with dosas. of chilli powder2 tbsp. Easy Thakkali Thokku ( South Indian Tomato Pickle) by DK on Sep 10, 2016 UPDATE (May 3, 2020): Since posting this recipe, OPOS rules have evolved a lot. Shelf Life : This onion tomato thokku is without coconut or dal. Thokku can stay for two days outside refrigerator only if it is cooked until moisture-free. Let the tomatoes cook in their own juices till they soften and break down. of oil This is mixed with white rice to prepare Tomato rice and an excellent side dish for Chappathy and Poori.Let us see how to prepare this tasty tomato thokku for tomato mixed rice. thakkali thokku recipe with step by step photos. Tomato thukku tastes great with dishes like Semiya Bagala bath or Bread Utthappam or Cracked wheat Idli or Panniyaram etc. Tomato thokku could be stored up to 15 days. That’s why it is a popular travel food. Learn how to make thakkali thokku, tomato thokku with stepwise pictures, full video. It is the Green Tomato Kootu or the Raw Tomato Gravy with Coconut, or Thakkali Kai Kootu as we say in Tamil. Tomato Rice using Thokku (Tomato Onion Masala), is another way of making Tomato Rice. Ripe tomatoes that are cooked down with oil and spices, make this Thakkali Thokku, which can be used as a chutney for Idlis and Dosas or as a pickle with curd / yogurt rice! I do not make them often because it needs a lot of tomatoes to get a considerable amount of thokku. Travel Food Idea12 – Phulka,Tomato Thokku Preparation Time...Read More » of turmeric powder 1/2 tsp. Ingredients. You can also use this thokku as a base to prepare tomato rice, tomato poha upma or tomato idiyappam.

green tomato thokku

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