Good health comes first! The RENPHO Bluetooth Scale, which is FDA approved, tracks 13 body composition analysis metrics: Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat %, Fat-free Body Weight, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Body Water %, Skeletal Muscle %, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein %, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and Metabolic Age. Install and open the Renpho Apple Watch App. Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale. The RENPHO app support Apple Health, Fitbit App and Google Fit, transfer your data to these apps within 1 second. Renpho has four smart scales, such as Body Fat Basic, Body Fat Premium, Food, and Tape Measure. I got the two to sync once early on, but forgot how I did it. I will admit the Eufy is sleeker looking though, I like the blue and black tint. Also, ensure you are the main Renpho user, as you can only connect one Renpho app to one Apple Health account. It sends the information through Bluetooth to your phone and records everything in the Renpho app. RENPHO is the best helper in your journey to becoming fitter. The RENPHO scale measures and tracks the following 13 metrics. 4、Switch to the "Plate" homepage, click the "Confirm" button, then it will prompt to sync to Apple Health. Other body composition data including weight, BMI, body fat percentage stores in the app. With 97% of reviews being four or five stars, this popular smart scale … It measures weight, bone mass, muscle mass, water, lean body weight and many more things. The app then automatically sends the information to Apple health app. This scale takes 13 measurements, including weight, body fat, BMI and more. Here you could find the best Renpho smart scale to fit your needs. The other common feature among RENPHO’s smart scales apart from the RENPHO App is the software’s ability to sync and share information with Samsung Health, Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit App. Among smart scales both Renpho and eufy are popular to user. Easy setup app syncs with Samsung Health, Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, and offers App for Apple Watch. We all know FitBit and the … Renpho allows the user to create multiple personal profiles to keep your data separated. Renpho has over 3 million happy global users. Renpho is the best helper in your journey to becoming fitter. It is very comparable to the RENPHO smart scale, however I still prefer the RENPHO because it is a little cheaper and compatible with the Fitbit app. Renpho allows the user to create multiple personal profiles to keep your data separated. 1. (For Renpho Nutrition Scale). Once that is done, you can use the Renpho scale on your Apple Watch with the following steps. Its Fat Body Scale is user-friendly. If you have not done so already, connect Apple Health to Heads Up. Renpho allows the user to create multiple personal profiles to keep your data separated. I have the Renpho scale, and a Fitbit HR 2. A quick and easy guide to source Renpho data to Heads Up through Apple Health, Connecting Third Party Apps to Heads Up Health through Apple Health. This allows the readings from the scales to integrate with other health-related activities and measurements that each of these apps track. You can weigh yourself anytime without your phone. ABYON Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scales for Body Weight Digital Body Fat Scale,Auto Monitor Body … How do I sync the Renpho scale through Apple Health? 3、Click “What’s on the scale”to add a food and weigh the food, then click "Add to plate". Battery life Smart Scales. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. The app is also compatible with other health apps such as Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Health. Learn about the Health app, Activity app and Workout app. This scale tells you everything about you like body weight, fat percentage, and many more. Please visit the support article 'How do I connect Apple Health?' How can I re-sync?' Step 1: Open the Apple Health app on your iPhone and press the user icon in the top right corner: Step 2: Find and press Apps: Step 3: Find and press Renpho: Step 4: Toggle the desired switches to green to allow Renpho to write data to Apple Health:

renpho scale apple health

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