The Ministry of Health provides the latest updates, information and advice on COVID-19 on their website. Ministry of Social Development: MoU title: Memorandum of Understanding between Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Social Development - Sharing information to assist the Ministry of Social Development in providing financial assistance to those affected by the Covid-19 Virus: Agency using the data: Ministry of Social Development and Inland Revenue If you can’t find your employer, you can: You could also use the following websites to look up other company names for your employer: You should talk to your employer in the first instance if they’ve received the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy, Wage Subsidy Extension or Resurgence Wage Subsidy, but you’re not being paid or you think your pay is wrong or you have questions about how the subsidy is being applied to you. How to apply for COVID-19 Wage Subsidy You can no longer apply for the Wage Subsidy. The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has released a new tool where the public can search for companies that have received payments under the Government's COVID-19 wage subsidy scheme. More than 200,000 employers have made online applications for the new coronavirus wage subsidy and leave payment, after Work and Income closed its doors.. Ministry of Social development … The Ministry of Social Development said as at April 17, of the 39 applicants asked to refund all or part of the subsidy, 22 had returned $149,000. Leave payments for self-isolation as a result of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) are also available to self-employed workers who satisfy the eligibility criteria and are prevented from working. You can still apply for the Leave Support Scheme if you have staff who can’t work because of COVID-19. 4. 6. Engineering and civil construction giant Fulton Hogan will retain about $33.3 million received from the wage subsidy scheme, despite recording a bumper $211m net profit for the year to June 2020. The Ministry of Social Development has requested more information from Porirua City Council about $2.6 million worth of Covid-19 wage subsidies it claimed. Covid 19 coronavirus: Kiwi ad agency Special Group paying back $200,000 wage subsidy. Alliance Group wage subsidy critic widens court action, eyes Beehive 30 Nov, 2020 04:32 AM 5 minutes to read Alliance meat company's financial results fuel wage subsidy litigant's court action. You can no longer apply for the Wage Subsidy Extension. COVID-19 Wage Subsidy. In helping New Zealanders gain a job, an education, a responsibility or an opportunity, we build their security and welfare. Credits: Video - Newshub; Image - Getty Images. The COVID-19 wage subsidy is paid as a 12-week lump sum: $585.80 a week for full-time workers who worked 20 hours or more per week before COVID-19 and $350 a … If people can't find their employer, their application might not have been processed yet or the company hasn't applied. Our call centre staff don’t have access to this data, so won’t be able to answer these enquiries. The subsidy is paid as a lump sum and covers 12 weeks per employee. The wage subsidy extension will be available from 10 June 2020 until 1 September 2020 on application to the Ministry of Social Development as for the wage subsidy … In … Companies receiving COVID-19 wage subsidy Jeremy Roundill made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development Response to this request is long overdue. If you see that your employer has received the subsidy but you haven't received payment or don't think you've been paid enough, then MSD recommends talking to your boss. Benefit Number Forecasts and Scenarios. Wage Subsidy Business Survey Findings - Ministry of Social Development Wage Subsidy Business Survey Findings A survey of businesses receiving the Government Wage Subsidy has been run to understand the impact of COVID-19 and the Wage Subsidy scheme on businesses. The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has been carrying out the random audits, as 759,000 applicants have had money approved from the $14 billion fund. Previous publications have been archived and can be found below: COVID-19 reporting archive. If a business made an application on this date they will receive a lump sum to cover the salary and wage cost of the business for the proceeding 8 weeks. 7. Use the 'COVID-19 wage subsidies - employer search' button below to search for employers who have received the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy, Wage Subsidy Extension or Resurgence Wage Subsidy. If, as an employer I am receiving the wage subsidy on behalf of an employee, do I have to pay GST on the subsidy and does the employee need to pay tax on the wage subsidy? The search will tell you: the name of the employer; the number of employees for whom payment has been made; the amount paid; the type of COVID-19 payment paid.

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