You can light the cinnamon incense whenever you wish, there are no contraindications. I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. Burn Cinnamon incense sticks to raise spiritual vibrations, draw money, stimulate psychic powers, and produce protective barriers. I could burn a hole through my incense holder, I could go through 7 lighters a week, I sneeze and it's a cinnamon tsunami, I caused enough carbon emission burning this incense, the doomsday clock is now a second closer to midnight. - Cinnamon+clove+lavender oil cones burn better, probably because of the oil. Windows - Laying cinnamon sticks along window sills will protect the unwanted energy in the same way. Astrology and traditions too far back to have been recorded have the answers. Merry Meet! Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on August 02, 2015: @Cyndi10 Thanks Cyndi10 I'm glad you thought it was thorough. Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on January 09, 2018: Use cinnamon incense that are designed to burn and smoke. Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on January 24, 2019: Love articles on herbs and spices. I'd love to hear more about your experiences. I drink a lot of coffee. Fate at its strongest. We’d love to hear from you if you tried this recipe! Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on January 11, 2020: Thanks Anita, yes it has so many good uses even for diabetes. Question: What happens when a lucky cinnamon stick is thrown away? Used in meditation and ritual to rediscover the ancient knowledge of our ancestors and to help remember our own past lives. Add water slowly, drop by drop. Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on January 10, 2020: I'm honored, Tim. Blessings! Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on May 02, 2017: I love ginger too. Do you keep them until it loses its scent? Incense sticks use the wood to burn, but you can’t just use any old stick. The wood of an incense stick is made specially to work. I needed this today! Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on October 05, 2014: This is very interesting. Myrrh Protection, luck, love, healing, prosperity, spiritual awareness, and aiding psychic powers. And while cinnamon sticks carry solar energies, the cinnamon tree is said to be of the moon, embodying lunar energies. The fire element is known for many things; consumes and destroys; speed, purification, protection, Herbs belonging to the rule of this planet are said to be beneficial to the heart and circulation. Thank you for making such a great compliment. It's even in the advertising, especially when looking for the right scented candle. Question: How do long do you keep your Cinnamon hung out? Easy Way to Make a Cinnamon Incense Stick Learn More → People burn incense for different reasons: Worshipers burn incense for religious purposes, such as offerings to the Buddha and bodhisattvas; others burn incense for reputed aromatherapy benefits, and … Making Quick Incense Sticks (Essential Oils) Purchase a pack of blank, or unscented, incense sticks. Use whatever tool you can to achieve that belief. Question: How can I do a love spell at home using cinnamon powder to get a man to call me asap? Whether you prefer cones, sticks, or powder incense – or even if you don’t do smoke and prefer to diffuse essential oils – the following 9 scents will help you boost your prosperity and call more money into your life. Burning Incense. Required fields are marked *. Cinnamon has its properties but you have to use them. It can be used in this way to reach our higher selves, a higher state of spirituality. Mix with a spoon or pestle until it reaches ‘play dough’ consistency. Burn one of these scents during meditation or as a compliment to a money ritual. It is also believed to promote health, strength and libido and is recognised as a herb that invokes protection. I could write lots about it. Follow the steps below to make your own cinnamon incense cones! While they're nice to burn, and certainly smell lovely, they … Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on September 03, 2018: I have been using cinnamon powder for the past year. I’m burning with my long distance lover in my heart. Incense is such a beautiful and fun thing to make yourself; and of course you can imbibe it with your own energies and wishes while you create it. Enjoy the sweet, soothing, woody aroma! When you want a hot night of love, light the incense in the environment to attract your partner. I use cinnamon daily as it has so many health benefits. This recipe is super simple; requiring only two ingredients – cinnamon and water! -20 Incense Sticks Per Box I wonder if cinnamon can be used to enhance the transition to the astral plane, since it increases your vibrational energy. Its encouraging to keep helping and providing useful information. Out of 4 cones I tested, only 2 burned to the bottom. Feel free to be creative! Research is being done on extracts of cinnamon as a protection against Alzheimer's. Cinnamon has a high vibration and can be used to increase our own vibration. Cinnamon is connected to the Sun, a masculine force which lends cinnamon its protective energies. Cinnamon is a great alternative to crystals when you don't have them available. If you’re trying to raise energy, cinnamon is the incense you want to burn. While the cinnamon spice is related to the fire element, some believe the tree itself is ruled by the moon. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. It will charge up the water with all the positive vibes and double with the cinnamon that you use. Some say using fire to burn incense is like sending a smoke signal to God, your angels, or your guides for immediate attention to your great need. She has asked that I join and teach at her event. If you think about it, we sense the energies of lots of things without really giving them much thought. With every step you take in tying the cinnamon to placing it decoratively or not above your doors imagine what it is you want. My cousin Marianna who Authored Choices to Love and the Facebook page is planning a Celebration Event. Magickal History and Correspondences and uses: Cinnamon Incense - corresponds with Wednesday and is good to burn on Wednesdays and is appropriate for burning in love spells, Magickal Uses: Protection, success, wealth, strength, aphrodisiac. Hi Amber! An interesting list of herbal remedies. Making it this evening on the first full moon of the year is a potent time to tune in to the universe and to lunar magic – asking for guidance, reassurance and/or to set an intention in spin. I am learning as a Wiccan to heal people, it is nice to see others! Lemon, for example, has the smell of fresh and has always been known for its cleaning ability. You might like to envision your hopes or intentions for this full moon while you stir the mixture. Now you might be saying, "So is it really going to protect me, or is this just the feeling we get from that warm cozy aroma?" Question: May I wrap my money with a cinnamon stick for luck? It smells wonderful when it is burning but goes out quickly. Answer: The number 9 was chosen for its meaning and attributes as everything is important when adding intention to work for a purpose. The video above explains many health benefits that cinnamon has to offer. Is there any more science to this or do we have to rely on our intuition and just hope for the best? Answer: Belief is all that is required. Question: I'm just starting my craft and I don't have cinnamon incense sticks, can I use cinnamon rolls? Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on August 20, 2017: Thank you all for your positive comments. Fiery cleansing is another superpower of Cinnamon incense (when White Sage is just too sweet to do the job). Thank you for such a thorough article on the ways cinnamon can be used as a protective agent. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on October 06, 2014: @AliciaC Thank you very much. Thanks for all the info. How To Burn Stick Incense. As always, intention is key here. It has been so great talking to you these past couple of days. If you like the positive feelings from cinnamon try putting a piece of citrine crystal in the water for about 20-30 minutes before pouring out the water into your kettle or coffee maker. Every box comes with Description of "How to burn the Incense" A tablet of Charcoal enclosed with every box. You could also use a candle wick if you have those on hand for making candles (or remove one from a candle you have). If you have more questions I'm here. If you have this on hand, go for it. Thank you for the knowledge of cinamon sticks. If it is in his best interest he will call. If there were no labels or books to teach us or to suggest such feelings we would probably come up with some of our own or fall back on our sense of smell, sight, and touch to tell us what is good and what is bad for us. Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on July 20, 2018: Wow that is interesting Finn. I hope you were able to take away a lot of knowledge about its other protective qualities. Please share your experiences and thoughts below or share one of your favorite herbs or spices. Cinnamon Fragrance Incense is by far the most useful incense and also one of the easiest to find. The best-smelling incense in my 4 years of burning Shoyeido, Morning Star, Satya, and Mother's incense. Use in Essential Oils: As a pure essential oil, it is common to dilute with a carrier oil to make a usable oil from cinnamon as it is very expensive and can cause irritation if not diluted. Having then googled for some ‘understanding’ I found your post which says Wednesday is the strongest day and can be used for love. and, "How am I supposed to use this magical spice to defend my personal space?". For those answers and more we will have to look back hundreds maybe even a thousand years because our great ancestors have used spices and common herbs found in our gardens for just about everything that we would normally go to the corner drug store for some relief or magical remedy. Well I had no idea that cinnamon possessed such potential. Her teachings are for us to Choose Life Love and Celebration everyday despite our obstacles. Nice article. I like using cinnamon in so many dishes, especially during the Holiday season. Herbs, spices, crystals, and now cinnamon can protect me and my home? When you find out let me know. I love to hear stories like that and I'm always excited. Just know that God, our angels, and guides are always here to help and know without a doubt that your petition is heard. Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on February 04, 2020: Yes, bhattuc it is still mysterious to some but we've come along way in medicine and new ways of thinking about health and well being. Say the following chant as many times as you want: Let the smoke that comes from the cinnamon fill every corner of your house as you visualize its purifying properties cleansing and warding off bad luck. I know you will enjoy using and crafting it into your everyday life. Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), most of which is grown in Sri Lanka, is aligned with the sun and the fire element, and is thought to attract prosperity and love/sex. Thanks. Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on July 14, 2019: Yes there is cinnamon incense and cinnamon oil. Incense comes in a variety of forms, including: coils; cones; powders; sticks; In order to burn incense, you first gently ignite it. … I may do more on other herbs and spices that I know about. Science shows a lot about plants, scents, herbs that have been known long before. A petition to have your request granted. First full moon of 2017 tonight! It probably needs more drying time.. Hope this helps! Leo is a fixed sign belonging to the element fire and is ruled by the Sun. The warmer cozy smells seemed to all be in one section with slogans and labels expressing warm fuzzy feelings. This must come from a deep desire in your heart to will this into being. Why not cinnamon to feel protected and warm. This is very interesting. Many have used cinnamon for its smell to flavor the aroma of our homes. I don't know when this will take place as she has just begun planning it, but I hope I will have friends like you with me to share in that incredible moment. Intention however is not one of those senses but should not be forgotten. HOW TO BURN INCENSE For information on how to burn incense properly, check out our article on the history and uses of incense . This would give credit to our ancestors who used this in all forms for protection and that they knew great wisdom without our modern technology. Incense burners are made to securely burn various types of incense, and they often look good. Because of the amount of smoke cone incense produces, many cone incense burners feature dragons or other creatures with open mouths; when the smoke filters out of the burner, it gives the appearance that the creature is breathing smoke. Join to receive FREE  SHIPPING on your first order. I don't believe in doing anything that will influence another person's will. You can buy commercially produced incense sticks and cones just about anywhere, and they're not that expensive. Answer: Maybe you should try calling him instead. Blessed be. Because incense sticks release a lot of smoke, you will need to burn your stick in a well-ventilated room. Take care. Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on September 06, 2018: You're welcome, Anita. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, newbizmau! Burn Cinnamon incense for protection and personal power. Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on September 06, 2018: Thank you Maurice, so interesting to hear about the use of citrine crystal. Perhaps you’d like to invest some of your hopes and intentions for this year into yours? Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), most of which is grown in Sri Lanka, is aligned with the sun and the fire element, and is thought to attract prosperity and love/sex. Ooh – can’t wait to hear how it turns out! Cinnamon incense is one of the most common and probably the most used form of cinnamon for protection. I think more clove is needed since it's barely noticeable. It seems that every new age and occult shop on the planet carries an infinite variety of the incense.. Jasmine, rose, cinnamon, lavender, vanilla, patchouli. Its amazing . Large sea shells, such as abalone, work well too. So for some answers, yes, we must rely on our intuitions but others like the astrological properties there are some answers there. Find a suitable place to burn your incense. History: Cinnamon and Cassia were imported into Egypt from China and Southeast Asia by 2000 B.C.E. If you are creating a money satchel to carry around with you, combine cinnamon with other prosperity herbs like basil, ginger, and nutmeg. I will try to use cinnamon in these ways. I'm your Monday hostess, Daemiana. Thanks immensely. Of course it isn't to me. I didn't want it to feel boring. Cinnamon is used as incense, to cause high spiritual vibrations, to promote the healing of the respiratory tract, to obtain money, to stimulate psychic powers, and to produce protective vibrations. Much love to you both and thanks for bringing it!! Question: Does cinnamon increase the potency of fire spells? Many burn incense during meditation and yoga to calm the mind and, sometimes, for rituals. If you use the stick be sure to kiss and offer to the goddess of love . In the West, it is most often associated with the many Native America tribes, but many cultures around the world have the custom of burning herbs or incense for these same purposes. please can i burn only powdered cinnamon as incense ? Any thoughts? Question: In protection for the home, why use nine cinnamon sticks and not say, 3 or 5? Now roll the mixture into a ball in your hand before shaping into little cones. Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile, AL on July 08, 2019: Don, I wish I knew. Burning amber as an incense will clear the area of negativity. Remember, we don't always communicate with our words, and using Cinnamon incense is like using symbolism to convey a message to spirit. Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on January 11, 2020: Interesting and informative article. Burn and throw ashes on your front door blowing it to the wind . Can I burn the stick and use it during a smudging ritual? The smell is sweet and warm.

how to burn cinnamon as incense

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