697-700. The aim of the study is to determine the haematology and compare fluted pumpkin leave and seed nutrients. 250-254. It is widely cultivatedfor its palatable and nutritious leaves which are used mainly as veg-etable. They are edible when boiled or cooked with foods; it can also be taken as a vegetable salad or as juice when mashed as fresh leaves and the juice extracted. This is achieved by inhibiting the neurogenic, non-neurogenic and narcotic pains affecting the inflamed body part. The ugu leaf is also called ikong ubong by the Efik and Ibibio tribe. It can be concluded that aqueous leaf extract of fluted pumpkin is a potential blood booster and has hepatoprotective property. Its leaves are greenish and can be eaten as well as the whole pumpkin. Harvesting of fluted pumpkin takes place 120-150 days after sowing. Despite the orthodox medicine in use for tackling cancer, it has been reported that these medicines and chemotherapeutic treatment can pose long-term side effects on the patient. Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Fluted pumpkin can be used to prepare herbal medicine, which can be used for maintaining healthy working heart as well as for treating cardiovascular diseases. Fluted pumpkin can be used to prepare herbal medicine, which can be used for maintaining healthy working heart as well as for treating cardiovascular diseases. Afterwards, the squeezed extract is then filtered with sieve before consuming. Autumn Black Dark. 18-20. Uboh, F.E., Akpanabiatu, M.I., Edet, E.E. This is one of the essential Common names for the plant include fluted gourd, and ugu. When cultivated, the fluted pumpkins develop tendrils that usually creep and spread on the surface of the ground if left unattended to and coiled through stakes. Journal of Pharmacol ogy . 11. Bensoussan, k., Morales, C. and Hermo L. (1998) Vitamin E deficiency causes incomplete spermatogenesis and affects the structural differentiation of epithelial cells of the epididymis in the rat. Other common names for the plant include fluted gourd and fluted pumpkin. Telfairia occidentalis is a tropical vine grown in west africa as a leaf vegetable and for its edible seeds. 22. Possesses HEPATOPROTECTIVE action which protects the liver. Halloween Pumpkin Gourd. Be that as it may, the presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in fluted pumpkin leaves help fight against the dreaded illness. You were wondering where the name Telfairia occidentalis came about? Here are some nutritional benefits of fluted pumpkin leaves or vegetables; 1. and Okon, I.E. Fluted pumpkin flowers are usually dioecious, however only few tends to be monoecious. Mamu Borah 17,104 views 3:27 (2010), The effect of fluted pumpkin (Telferia occidentalis) seed oil (FPSO) on testis and semen parameters, Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America, 1(4), pp. 379 382 52. Fluted pumpkin is a tropical plant grown in West Africa as a leaf vegetable and its edible seeds. Therefore, it can contribute to a well-balanced diet. This suggests why the herbal medicine serves as a antianemic and blood tonic for increasing the haemoglobin levels. The contribution of vegetables to minerals, vitamins and proteins in human nutrition is limited due to the presence of antinutrients which render some of the micro-nutrients and protein unavailable for human nutrition ( Camus & Laporte, 1979 ). Fluted Pumpkin, Telfairia occidentalis: West African Vegetable Crop' 'BOSA E. OKOLI AND C. M. MGBEOGU2 Fluted pumpkin, Telfairia occidentalis, is native to West Africa but occurs mostly in its cultivatedform in various parts of southern Nigeria. Lactating Properties The oily seeds of the fluted pumpkin is markedly known for its lactating properties thus highly recommended for nursing mothers. Fluted pumpkin leaves popularly known as Ugu is widely eaten in Nigeria and used to cook several kinds of soup. The fluted pumpkin seeds contain a high proportion of edible oil, which has a lower saponification value when compared to other types of oil such as palm oil and vegetable oil. Iyagba, A. G. and Offor, U. S. (2013), Phytoextraction of heavy metals by fluted pumpkin (Telfaria occidentalis Hooker F.) planted on oil contaminated soil amended with sawdust and siam weed (Chromolaena odorata) (L.) R.M. The aqueous extract of fluted pumpkin leaves (Telfairia occidentalis) can be used for treating anaemia due to the haematinic properties of the leaf. This suggests why the herbal medicine serves as a antianemic and blood tonic for increasing the haemoglobin levels. The antioxidants properties, which include oleic acid, vitamin A, alkaloids, tannins, and linoleic acid, have been shown to help boost the functionality of the testicles for an increased sperm count. A. and Ojieh, A. E. (2007), Testicular regenerative effects induced by the extract of Telfairia occidentalis in rats, Caderno de Pesquisa, sér Bio, (19) pp. Ugu leaves are also very rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Fluted pumpkin roots possess antiplasmodial and schizonticidal properties thus capable of treating parasitic malaria infection. Telfairia occidentalis ( "calabaza costillada" (según FAO), también "calabaza acanalada", y denominada ugu, e ikong-ubong en los idiomas igbo y efik respectivamente) es una especie de planta de la familia Cucurbitaceae.. Es una enredadera tropical que crece en África Occidental y que se utiliza como verdura de hoja y por sus semillas comestibles. Remember to always consult your healthcare provider before making any health-related decisions or for counselling, guidance and treatment about a specific medical condition. BENEFITS OF FLUTED PUMPKIN (TELFAIRIA OCCIDENTALIS). : Antimicrobial Activities of T elfairia occidentalis (f luted pumpkins) Fluted pumpkin is of local ethnobotanical importance in the folklore, dietary and cropping systems of Igbos. Gradually becoming one of the significant causes of death around the world, cancer is now a household name when it comes to sicknesses. There has been an overwhelming increase in the consumption of fluted pumpkin leaves, seeds and shoots over the past years due to all the nutritive benefits obtainable from them. From time immemorial, plants and herbs have been considered a better treatment option for malarial attacks. One of such important vegetables is Fluted Pumpkin, which is botanically known as Telfairia Occidentalis Hook F. and of the cucurbitacase family. 9. Diabetic patients should take note that Ugu seeds even contain more blood-glucose-lowering action than the leaves. Boost Immune System. Inhibition of α-amylase and α-glucosidase activities by ethanolic extract of Telfairia occidentalis (fluted pumpkin) leaf G Oboh , * AJ Akinyemi , and AO Ademiluyi Department of Biochemistry,Federal University of Technology, Akure, NigeriaP.M.B., 704, Akure 340001, Nigeria The fluted pumpkin leaf is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which has been proved to prevent Carrageenan-induced oedema. The scientific name is Telfairia occidentalis leaf. Good Source of Dietary Fibre. 1-2. And this is linked to the presence of ethyl acetate and polysaccharides content in the leaves, which are anti-diabetic properties. The English name is Fluted pumpkin, fluted gourd and the Spaniards call it Costillada. Fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook F.) is a perennial plant great with economic importance in Nigeria. Conclusion. Fluted gourd’s fruit is inedible, but is used in herbal and folk medicines. 7. This post is for enlightenment purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for professional diagnostic and treatments. 137 186 20. Below are what you need to know about Ugu (pumpkin) leaf. It is … Fluted pumpkin leaf | What does it meaning of fluted, pumpkin, leaf, in dream? evaluation of beta-carotene, iron and other micronutrient status of rats fed sun or shade-dried fluted pumpkin (telfaria occidentalis) leaves Its common local names include Ugwu and Ikong-Ubong and it is a member of the family Cucurbitaceae, indigenous to southern Nigeria. Therefore it has to form a part of our daily meal in … Fluted Pumpkin is native to Western Africa; it is mainly cultivated in Nigeria because this is one of the fruits, which conveniently grows in the drought prone conditions. 19. EGUSI WITH BITTER LEAF SOUP || HOW TO COOK EGUSI SOUP WITH BITTER LEAF, In 6 EASY STEPS: HOW TO START A GOOD BLOG, 18 MEDICINAL PLANTS FOR TREATING DIABETES, 15 WORTHY BENEFITS OF WATERLEAF (TALINUM TRIANGULARE), OGBONO SOUP || HOW TO COOK OGBONO SOUP WITH BITTER LEAF. 18. Cooking is a passion I developed at a very tender age from my mum and this online platform is where I aim to share and grow knowledge in all things cooking. Telfairia occidentalis is a tropical vine grown in West Africa as a leaf vegetable and for its edible seeds. The leaves contain essential oils, vitamins; root contains cucubitacine, sesquiterpene, lactones. If the gourd is to be stored whole as it is best done to stand a long time, it must be kept in less dense environs. Fluted pumpkin is a popular vegetable in West Africa, especially Nigeria. Fall Leaves Autumn Leaf. Despite the orthodox medicine in use for tackling cancer, it has been reported that these medicines and chemotherapeutic treatment can pose long-term side effects on the patient. 3(12) pp. Also the polysaccharides content of the plant contains anti-diabetic properties. Presently, there has been an increasing awareness on the need for including more vegetables in our diet in order to maintain healthy body. Both the leaves, shoots and seeds of fluted pumpkin are an excellent source of protein, fat, β-carotene, carbohydrate, ascorbate, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, dietary fiber, copper, potassium, zinc, iron and calcium. (Fluted pumpkin) Leaf Extracts. Fluted Pumpkin leaves have been used locally in the treatment of infertility issues in both men and women. 138 116 28. It is used in many Nigerian cuisines such as: Egusi, Ogbono, Efo-riro and so many more. (1996), Variability of fatty acid content in pumpkin seeds (Cucurbita pepo L.). Preparing the aqueous extract of fluted pumpkin leaves requires plucking the leaves from the tendrils, thoroughly washing the leaves in clean water with salt and then squeezing the leaves in sizable quantity of water to obtain the leaf extract. The juice extract of Ugu leaf helps to reduce blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. The proximate composition and functional properties of raw, germinated and fermented full‐fat fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook) flour were studied.Functional properties evaluated by laboratory studies were nitrogen solubility, water and fat absorption, bulk density, foam capacity and stability. The fluted pumpkin oil is also an excellent source of iodine due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. And these organs include the thymus, bone marrow, and lymph nodes. Uboh, F. E., Okon, I. E. and Edet, E. E. (2013), Location of Planting Dependent Contamination of Fluted Pumpkin (Telfeiria Ocidentalis) Leaves with Heavy Metals, Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences.

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