Flax fibers can usually be identified by their “nodes” which add to the flexibility and texture of the fabric. Liebe Grüße, The linen on the right comes from Broderie Bayeux and it’s count is 60! She says in her book, Basic Principals of Schwalm Whitework, “…your time and efforts deserve the very best fabric”. There are “holes” between the warp and the weft and, although they don’t show as clearly in the photo, they are about the same size as the linen in the top photo. There are two varieties: shorter tow fibers used for coarser fabrics and longer line fibers used for finer fabrics. Looking at the excellent close up photos, I’d say this linen IS evenweave, though you’d have to be careful as a lot of it isn’t. You’ll know what that means too!=). Liebe Grüße, I mainly use linen twill which I buy online from UK sources (Crewel Works Co.,(very beautiful oatmeal color and super quality), Sue Hawkins (she uses a golden-tinted finer linen twill made in Belgium that I really like), and another source that I thought was of lesser quality (Lenham Needlecraft). An unbroken thread of women, stitching quietly, their minds pondering, considering, thinking, deliberating...for ages and ages. Linen Hamper High Density Blue Soiled Linen … In the photo above, you see linen I ordered from Luzine Happel. Here is a completely different linen from the first two. Linenspa High Density Squares- Replacement Cushion for Sofa or Chairs -Multiple Sizes Upholstery Foam, 18 X 18, 1" Depth Visit the Linenspa Store. Linen is used for variety of uses: from bed and bath fabrics, home and commercial furnishing items, apparel items to industrial products. It was iven used for books and for a type of body armour. Use for linen has changed in time and especially in the last 30 years. I do mostly counted cross stitch on linen. Liebe Grüße’ It’s called a natural linen.The color is similar to the plant after it’s been processed. I would think that most places would offer a snippet. Linen possesses a natural crispness when ironed damp, thus does not require starching, and has a natural lustre. Thanks for the link. the density values for all three fabrics are the same because they are composed of equivalent volume fractions of the same materials. If you understand that the “count” means threads per inch then converting from a European to a North American thread count isn’t difficult. The linen from Borderie Bayeux is found in an odd place – under “other product” then go to “wool” and you will find it. The source I found was Vetty Creations in Australia. Flax/Linen Source. The link is: http://suehawkins.com/shop/product-category/shop/tools-fabrics/fabrics/linen-twill/msy, Hi Sharon, Linen is a material made from the fibres of the flax plant. And the higher the GSM, the more expensive the towel. They are more expensive than Aida, but a nicer hand, and easier to do “over one” or half cross stitches. “Finer linen demands good eyesight, perseverance and practice”. For example, to convert the density from meters per square meter into miles per square meter, multiply the output density by a factor of 1,609.344 (the numbers of meters in a mile). Es ist teuer! There is a post coming up about the shop in Bayeux called Broderie Bayeux and, yes, she does sell the linen.By the way, I think I answered via email but I may have missed it with school getting ready to start (tomorrow aarrgghh!) Good on you for being particular and doing things properly. I generally only use what I already have these days, so I certainly won’t be buying that much in comparison to many keen stitchers.=). What is the big secret?! NeL is an indirect measure of linear density. The higher the thread count or number, the more densely the linen is woven. GSM ranges from 300 to 900. For some countries that use the metric system, the area is 1 cm2 and 2.54 is multiplied to convert it into the correct measurement of density. Lovely, lovely linen. History of Linen. I bought it at Sophia Passion in Bayeux. This linen is 12 threads/cm or 30 count linen. You are -as is often the case – one step ahead of me! You didn’t say directly, but I assume one can buy linen from Broderie Bayeux? In order to attain fibers of the maximum length, the plant is uprooted from the ground and the fibers are macerated. I went to Happel’s and Bayeux website but did not see the linen that either use so that I can purcase. I think that a good quality linen makes all the difference to the outcome of my stitching projects as well as being a pleasure to work with. It’s a 35 count linen I bought in the USA and I’m 99% sure it’s from Zweigert. I was confused by the European count method when I first began embroidering and had no idea what the equivalent to U.S. thread count was! Thank you for the info re: linen available at Broderie Bayeux. Hi Sarah, Specified lengths of yarn are wound on reels as skein, and then weighed.

density of linen

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