The Richard Dawkins Award is an annual prize recognizing those who exemplify values of secularism and rationalism. AAI also provides advice, community and support to individual atheists, especially those whose lives are threatened or diminished by theists. The Atheist Alliance International is a non-profit organization that creates awareness and educates public about atheism. Details here. People should be as free to be atheists as they are to be conservative or liberal; Christians or Muslims. Mubarak has disappeared and Kano police are responsible. Category: Awards, Persons & Places in News. About See All. By 2001, the organization had a half-dozen affiliates outside the US, and so changed its name from Atheist Alliance, Inc. to “Atheist Alliance International “AAI.” In 2003, our organization started to present the Richard Dawkins Award, named after Richard Dawkins, an English evolutionary biologist. The Advisory Council is chaired by our Executive Director. Mrs. A Mubarak’s Video ↠ We wish to continue the outstanding work being done by Christopher Hitchens before his premature death. Atheist Alliance International will be giving this year's Richard Dawkins award to Bill Maher...and some people, including me, are pretty annoyed. Today, East Carolina University announced they are honoring Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, the Governor of Kano State, Nigeria with a visiting professorship. The decision PART I ↠ Re: Blasphemy Sentences Appealed in Kano by Atheists Alliance International by igboamakaaa: 6:19am 1 country, 2 different governing laws, 2 standard of interpreting laws, a president whose face changes every 6 months, Banana Republic. In some countries, particularly Islamic countries, atheists are criminalized and live in fear of fear of loss of rights, imprisonment, public lashing or execution by the state. There are no end of charities who want your money and you can’t support them all. Anti-Theism International seeks to combat the toxic influence of religions on government, education systems and society at large, and to normalize non-belief. Atheist Alliance International’s ASN (Atheist Support Network) Team have estimated relocation costs at $3000 USD for Aisha and her family. An interview with Fotis Fragopoulos Fotis Fragopoulos graduated in Business Administration and works as an accountant and consultant. ... All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Atheist Alliance International general funds. Summons served ↠  AAI.png 2,100 × 798; 51 KB. Topics: Atheism • Cinema • Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) • Communist • Hindi Cinema • Indian cinema • Javed Akhtar • Richard Dawkins Award … Richard Carrier: Applying Logic to the God Proposition. Atheist Alliance International. Suite #178 Do you have any questions or comments? Organizations similar to or like Atheist Alliance International. The Richard Dawkins Award is an annual prize recognizing those who exemplify values of secularism and rationalism. We need to clarify Human Rights declarations and treaties to explicitly confer upon atheists the same rights as are enjoyed by the religious. In this issue: The New AAI World: Update on big changes at AAI. Atheist Alliance of America delivers with its extensive reach, connections, and experience, Atheist Alliance of America (AAoA) now offers exciting new content to its members and to the public while serving as a facilitator for secular activists and community organizations at all levels to … So you have to d... AAI NEWS: AAI Sri Lankan Affiliate Spokesman Receives Serious Death Threat from Islamist On the 26th of October at around midnight, Rishvin Ismath, spokesman, co-founder and former president of AAI’s ... 216 Mt. David Fitzgerald Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All. ASN believes that the constitution of the Federation requires separation of church and state, a principle that is widely abused in Nigeria. This is an important question. Atheismsymbol endorsed by AAI.svg 336 × 336; 4 KB. The back story ↠ Watch our video â†, Atheist Alliance International has funded and supported the creation of an AAI Internet Café in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The ASN Board has resolved to fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Nigeria if it turns out to be necessary. Atheist Alliance International is part of WikiProject Atheism, which aims to organize, expand, clean up and guide Wikipedia articles relating to atheism.If you would like to participate, you can edit this article and visit the project page. Please help us save Aisha and her family. Blasphemy Sentences Appealed in Kano by Atheists Alliance International by Neonspook: 2:09am; Today, our legal team appeared in the Kano High Court, arguing appeals for Yahaya Sharif-Aminu and Umar Farouk. Since then, Mubarak has not been charged, he has not appeared in court, he has not been permitted to see, or speak with, his family or his lawyers. This makes us one of the oldest atheist organizations in the United States. The decision PART II â†. Atheist Alliance International is increasing its legal presence in Kano, Northern Nigeria, after a 13-year-old boy was sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly insulting Allah in a heated argument with a friend.

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